Good Medicines For Post Nasal Drip Please Help

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soontobemommie0730 - January 14

Alright im tired of stupid post nasal drip...i need to get rid of it!! lol okay well i am 11 weeks and since my dr. prolly wont be open until tuesday i figured maybe i could ask on here to see what you guys think is the best.....but since ive been having some post nasal drip...and it hasnt gone away its driving me nuts!! and also im on bed rest because of a threatened miscarriage (it happened a week ago....things a wayyy better now!)...i mean even if there is no over the counter maybe some home remedies...any one have any ideas?? but ive heard that afrin works great for post nasal drip and is okay for pregnancy....and ive also heard that ocean mist spray is okay too....which one is there any others? and i mean my dr. told me sudafed but it just isnt getting rid of it...and its making me extremely exhausted..physically...anyways any ideas anyone?? thanks!! sorry a little rambled!


Tracy88 - January 14

Are you sure you don't have a sinus infection? If you have insurance see the doc for possible antibiotics. Usually when I have persistent post nasal drip it is because I have infection, unless I have an obvious cold.


soontobemommie0730 - January 15

Hey well it prolly is because im normally prone to sinus infections and honestly about two weeks ago i was diagnosed with a sinus infection and the dr. gave me antibiotics but then a few days later i started bleeding and went to the E.R. and was told i had a threatening miscarriage and they never told me why i bled in the first place..(the baby is doing great now) but i believe that maybe the med. made me bleed but i dont know but i go on wed. to my ob/gyn so i'll talk to her then! im just trying to find something to get rid of it or at least so im eased at mind about it the past ive had bad nasal drip and it made me very sick...where i was throwing up ALL night so im trying to avoid that as much as i can!!! anyways thanks for posting!


dlc0715 - January 17

Hello ladies! First time on so given my drug (pharmacy!) knowledge thought I'd send along a suggestion. My husband and I are trying (so far unsussful) to have a baby (you'll have to excuse the lack of abbreviated terms - I'm new! Where is that guide anyway?). Anyway, I've had 2 pregnancies from a previous marriage and was okayed benedryl during pregnancy for an itchy rash. Benedryl is also prescribed (but is an OTC) for sleep, colds etc. What it does for Post nasal drip is dries out the drip/mucous - therefore should help ease the symptoms. The drawback is that it will most likely cause drowniess. Sudafed is not rated in pregnancies as one of the better choices. I'm unsure of the rating on it. You may want to consult with a phone nurse or on call MD/OB-GYN. This is a great site!!


Tracy88 - January 17

Dlc0715......I have been on this site for over a year now. First through my TTC stage and now during pregnancy. You can actually find a glossary of the abbreviations used on pretty much all fertility sites at It is on the top left. I also love that website when hope is needed!!! I took a Benadryl the other day for my allergies and let me tell you, my baby slept for two days, so I am staying the heck away from that one. I just feel comforted by her movement, so when she didn't seem to be moving much, I freaked out. Well, welcome and I'm sure your expertise will be needed by everyone! I always have questions!



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