Got A Cold

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Donna - November 14

hiya ive got a cold,sore throat,bad cough,cold sores...ive been having cough toffees and lemsip i read the back and it didnt say anything about pregnancy so i was thinking it was ok..but its not getting any better..does anyone have any ideas on what i can take? also too give me more help im from UK and ive been using that vicks that ok?


KM - November 14

hey donna, im 39 wks and in the same boat as you right now.I've got a major sore throat and stuffy nose. I feel terrible.I'm not sure about the vicks..But I spoke to a pharmacist,and all I have been using is vitamin c cough drops, a vaporiser beside my bed at night, lots of popsicles and soup, and hot baths.Rinse your mouth with warm salt water several times a day, that's the best thing for a sore throat.You can take tylenol, but thats it.


Donna - November 14

hiya thanks,ive been having hot baths and rinsing my mouth with warm salt water...i'll try tylenol..i'll try anything to get rid of it as its doing my head in! making me have sleepless i already have but its worse lol..thanks again KM :) xx


KM - November 14

yeah I know I am suffering too.. it's really being pregnany isn't bad enough!! lol I'm supposed to be getting induced this week but I'm wondering if my doc will postpone the induction because of this d__n cold. there are also some kind of nasal strips I guess you can get at the drug store that are natural and supposed to help with breathing, also saline drops for your nose are safe...thats about all I can think of...


Amanda N - November 15

I was sick like that a couple weeks ago and my doc (who is also my ob) put me on an antibiotic that is safe when preg so that I wouldn't get worse, cleared me right up and have felt great since! Maybe check with doc.


Dodi - November 19

I am feeling rotten too. I am 17 weeks pregnant and have now had a blocked nose for 2 months! All the sites i have read said that this is normal and not to worry as it will go about 2 weeks after the birth (oh that makes me feel better!!!!!!!). Last week I got a really bad cough that I still have, a tickly throat, a cold sore and now ulcers on my tongue. I have spoken to NHS Direct, my midwife and a doctor and they all say touse inhalations, vicks vapour rub and wait it out. None of that has wworked so anyold wives tales on how to get rid of coughs and colds would be much appreciated. I also want to put my fist through the television everytime I see an advert for the newest wonderful cough medicines that I can't take!


Renee - November 19

I'm going through the exact same thing as you are, and my doctor recomended Tylenol cold, Tavist-D, and Chloroseptic for the sore throat and cough oh also Robitussin.



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