Got Abnormal Results Afp Test Freaking Out Could Be D S

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Randi0720 - May 11

Dr said its pointing towards down syndrome. I'm totally freaking. Had amniocentesis down yesterday...only 22. husband 37? anyone had crazy results?


Jamie - May 12

There are tons of false positives with that test. And, even if your baby does have down's, would you love it any less? Of course is a difficult thing to cope with, but it is possible. Just wait until the baby is born, and then, if he/she has Down's, then join a support group for it, or try to research it, or do whatever you need to do to cope.


lovemy3 - May 12

hi there tons of people have this happen with their results. Check out the "pregnant and over 35" board and there are lots of happy ending posts on there


elisabeth - May 15

Randi, i am only 23 and me hubby is 30. i had that test done at about 15 weeks and got bad results. my chances were 1 in 174. i had to have a level 2 u/s and they offered the amnio but we decided against it. the dr. that did the level 2 said he saw no signs of d/s or spina bifida or anything else. i am now 23 weeks and still everything is going fine. i have an u/s every month and nothing strange is showing up. Good luck to you and i'm sure all is fine. Please keep me posted.


Lynne - May 15

There are a lot of false positives. Try your best to not think all is bad. I know a couple who got a positive and their baby was just fine. Congrats on your pregnancy. I opted not to have the test once I learned of all the false positives.


1Sttimemomy - May 16

i have heard of people get results back saying that and the baby comes out perfect.i hope the same goes for you and your baby .i will keep you in my prayers is your name Randi that is my name i was named after my dad because he died while my mom was 4 and half months pregnant.i think it is cool to meet other girls with that name..


mom2b72 - May 16

My results came back 1 in 95. I had the level 2 u/s done, but when I had it (23 wks) the perinatologist told me I was too far along for him to change the results, but everything looked ok. I could have had an amnio, but since I decided a positive for ds result wouldn't change anything, I decided not to take the chance. What were your results? I have heard of people with results coming back 1:20 chance and baby was fine!! Will all the "false positives", I don't think I would ever have the test again. I have heard a lot of ob's don't even do it anymore because of the "false positives".



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