Grandpa Viv Or Anyone Else I Need Some Help Pls

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DownbutnotOUT - January 22

Ok so I had my 4th u/s at 20 weeks, it was routine to measure the developement of the baby etc etc, well I was informed that my babies kidney's where 5 mm and needed to have a follow up u/s 72 hours after it is born. i dont understand how this oculd have happened or what causes it? The dr talked to my husband so this is hm telling me that the dr said anything under 4 is considered normal but 5 and over could indicate problems but they werent too concerned because im young and not 36 (hubby says the actually said 36). I dont understand why they wouldnt be concerned? Is it something I should be concerned about? what could be causing this? the dr said both are 5 mm so the baby could have just large kidney's, is this normal? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks


Tracy88 - January 22

I know I'm not Grandpa Viv, but my nephew had larger than normal kidneys and the doctors were concerned that it was a soft marker for other problems, but he is a beautiful 4 year old now, with no health problems. He just measured large in a few places at 20 weeks. They watch for these "soft markers" all the time. Don't worry. I had a soft marker on my 17 week U/S that actually resolved itself by 22 weeks.


Grandpa Viv - January 22

Sorry, out of my area. I expect you can Google up some info if you work at it. Good luck!


SaraH - January 23

DBNT, I don't know anything about this although I would try googling it and discuss it w/ the doc some more until you understand exactly what is going on. As Tracy said it probably is just a soft marker they are looking at and things are probably fine, but I can understand where it is very concerning to you and your dh. I hope everything is good and turn out well. Sorry that you have to deal w/ this. Hugs and good luck.


Tracy88 - January 23

If the doctor is not concerned and didn't recommend further testing, you probably have nothing to worry about. Call that specific doctor and ask more questions. Be polite, but demand that he/she be the one to call you back. Make a list of questions before speaking to the doc.


DownbutnotOUT - January 23

Thanks Ladies and Grandpa Viv I just felt so panicked and it was worse that she spoke to DH about it and he isnt exactly one to ask 20 questions. I really appreciate the story tracy it relaxes me alot knowing that someone else went through something similar and things turned out well. Its just I hate when dr's mention things like that and say DONT WORRY ABOUT IT? well what do you expect im giong to do?? I am making a list and im going to pester the heck outta her about the problem. I tried goggling the info and alot of it was pretty informative well others not so bad. once again thanks ladies and I hope my 30 week u/s shows the problem has resolved itself. Also I took a triple screen test and everything came out negative :)


Tracy88 - January 23

See, I was a mess too until I got my blood results back. Once they said the results were normal, I left panic and worry at the door. I thought, I have done as much as I can, I am not having an amnio, at this point if something were wrong I am just too attatched to abort, so I am going to worry no more and just be happy I have a baby on the way. Odds are in your favor, as they are in mine. Every time they do an U/S and the baby measures normal and on track, I worry even less.


DownbutnotOUT - January 25

Tracy Im glad I meet you and even more glad the odds are in your favour as well, Im really upset at my OBGYN for she was supopse to call me when she got the rest of my u/s report. I have been mystery spotting still and my dh has seen it and is getting really mad that she is b__wing us off. So I am changing maternity drs to one i feel would be more right for us becuase its buls*** im worried it might be placent previa and i feel she is ignoring my feelings an dmy worries. I just keep tracking babies movements and make sure he/she is alright and im relaxing more as I do some meditation techniques. I already have 3 children and this is my 4th and last, we lost a baby in may, so im terrified something might go wrong but as long as the baby is born and breathing I will take anything god throws at me. A baby is such a blessing and he blessed me with this angel and no matter what its perfect!



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