Granpa Viv Or Anyone If You Get Pregnant On The Pill

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Marsha - March 9

is it more common to have periods? I had a full period last month, am suppossed to start next week, but my br___ts are hurting (they never hurt b/f I start), have been super tired, and have had a little cramping. I took antibiotics last month and my husband and I had s_x, but I thought there was no way I could be pregnant b/c I had a period last month. Any information would be most helpful.


tara - March 9

Hi, You can get pregnant on the pill and stell get a normal period. If you have taken antibiotics i would say there is a good chance that you may be pregnant if you had s_x on your ovulationg days...which would be about 14 days after your period. Do a test next week to be sure. If you do a test right now you may not get a good result as the hcg levels are still too low for the hpt to detect.


chelle - March 9

I personally didn't get pregnant on the pill, but my mom says that I was a birth control baby. I do know though from experience that a cause of sore b___sts can be hormonal imbalance which the pill can definitely cause. If you ever take antibiotics with birth control you are always to use a 2nd form of protection.


JJ - March 9

I had the same problem once and this is what my doctor told me. No form of birth control is 100% effective, and taking antibiotics while on the pill can reduce the effectiveness. Although bleeding during pregnancy is common, continuing to have a period while pregnant is not. Despite what some people say, taking the pill while pregnant will not cause you to get your period. If you had what was a normal period, then it isn't likely that you are pregnant. That said, women can have bleeding that is similar to a period during pregnancy, so I would recommend testing. I agree with Tara that you should wait a bit before testing, and you should probably use an hpt that can detect low levels of hcg. If you continue to have symptoms of pregnancy, even with a negative hpt, or if you miss your period completely, see your doctor. Also, you do not have to discontinue taking your pill. When I went through this, my immediate thought was to stop the pill. My doctor said not to. Contrary to popular belief, there is no evidence that taking birth control during pregnancy harms the baby.


klm - March 9

One of my best friends got pregnant because she didn't know about antibiotics effect on the pill, I would take a test just to be safe. =)


sue - March 22

Can i still get pregnant if i have s_x whilst on my periods and i am taking the pill.


Saird - March 23

I've been taking Micronor, a progestrin only pill, I am aware that it's slightly less effective. However, I've never missed one. Here's the deal though. I was sick twice in the last 6 weeks, had the flu, and now havent' had a period in like 7 weeks or so. I've ALWAYS had a period on this pill. I 've been on it for about 4-5 months. Should I be concerned?



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