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anaya18 - August 16

Great news for everyone. I am so excited. That I come here to share with everyone. I really so happy. One of my favorite clinic Biotexcom is arranging a seminar. That's the best thing. I am so happy about this. Like this is the best opportunity for me. I want to meet their staff. I want to have my surrogacy from them once again. It will be the best option for me. So I don't wanna miss it. If you are interested then don't miss it. It will be the best time for consultation. I wish everyone a very good luck for that


monikadavid - August 18

Hey, thank you for sharing this information. I am also very excited about this event. I recently started my surrogacy process with them and everything so far is going great. I am really enjoying my process with them. I am happy that they are holding this event. Mainly, because there are so many negative comments about other clinics. You need positivity in the environment. Best of luck to all who are attending this event. 


ella_oscar - August 18

Hi dear. I hope you are doing great. You have shared a great post. Infertility is a curse. It makes a woman really depressed. The good thing is that many treatments for infertility have been introduced. Treatment like IVF and surrogacy are good to cure for infertility. A large number of infertile couples are moving towards these treatments.
After selecting a good treatment to select a good clinic is also a big step. I have seen many people who have been betrayed form spam clinics. A trustworthy clinic is also important for treatment. You are right. Biotexcom is an amazing clinic. It provides best infertility treatment. The team of Biotexcom was coming to oragnize an event to guide about infertility treatments. Due to some reasons the date and venue have been changed. They will update about it soon. Thank you so much for sharing this post. Good luck.



Bethany22 - August 18

Hey dear. How are you? Thanks for sharing this great news on this forum. You are doing a great job. It will help out so many people that are going through this problem. You are truly an amazing person. Good luck for your future. I have also chosen surrogacy at a really good clinic. Hope it works out for me. 


monikadavid - August 21

Thank you for sharing this exciting news. I am really looking forward to this event. The clinic is doing an amazing job of organizing this event. I have told all my friends to attend this event. This clinic is the one doing my process and they are doing a wonderful job. I am really satisfied with them so far. They are very systematic and organized. I hope the event goes well. 


Bethany22 - August 21

Hi there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine. We are doing good. I read your post. This is really good news but  I feel so sorry for people that chose Lotus clinic. What will become of patients when clinics are being like this? Why do they do things like this? I guess we will never know. I hope they come to their senses. This is really getting out of control. I hope all goes well for you. Take care.


CleoMarvel - August 21

Hello Anaya, I hope you are doing good. I am glad to see that the clinic is going to such pains to help the people. I am also undergoing surrogacy through the same clinic and I am a witness to their compassionate and professional behavior. They have helped me in every way possible. It feels so convenient and easy, I am amazed. So after reading this post I have become an even bigger fan of them. I just hope my journey goes smoothly.



Oh yes! I agree it's really an amazing opportunity. My cousin sister also had her child from them. But, last time, I heard they posted on SM. They postponed the dates due to large attendees and they are changing dates and venue. So, are you sure of dates?


CleoMarvel - August 27

Yes DIVIYASALANA, you heard right. These dates for the meeting were announced initially but due to a large no. of responses they had to change the venue and dates. The new dates are not announced yet but they are still offering subscription and booking. The vent is going to be so much more than a simple discussion. It would be an interactive session between the doctors and patients and a great source of information. The clinic is going to great lengths to accommodate the people's needs and try to arrange everything to perfection. I hope they announce the dates soon. I can't wait to get all my questions answered by the professionals. And I can see how popular the event is already. No wonder they had to change the venue.


Emma07 - August 29

This is really a great news for all those facing infertility. I am one of them. I have been facing infertility for almost 4 years. And I am so happy that Biotexcom is going to arrange an event for us. I can surely say that this event will prove to be beneficial to a lot of couples. Highly thanks to them. I am really looking forward to it. 



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