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amb - September 9

Okay I started a yahoo group for anyone who is interested... here is the URL to get to the group. if anyone has questions you can email me at [email protected]


hi - September 9

What is the point????????/ Is this just a new trend?????


amb - September 9

no i just thought it would give more places to go and chat about stuff.....but im guessing it was a bad idea. Im sorry for even posting that thread now.


N - September 9

amb, i think it's a great idea. When i get more time later, i will definately look you up on yahoo. I think it's nice to be able to meet other mom's and moms to be in a more comfortable place that your not as afraid to give out advice and information about yourself, because not everyone (like these mean people) will be able to see it, or anonomously critisize you. Thanks.


amb - September 9

TO N: Thank you so much for that. I do not know many people where I live and I was just trying to find more options to go chat somewhere because your right. "some" people can be to critical or down right mean on here. i was only thinking of more ways to meet more people. Thanks for your support :-)


kl - September 9

i think that is a great idea...i look forward to joining and chatting


sorry - September 9

I am not too thrilled with the idea of these new groups...i agree with the first post


amb - September 9

to sorry: and thats fine. your ent_tled to your opinion. im not twisting arms to get ppl to join so dont worry!


To amb - September 9

Just to let you know the yahoo groups kind of stink. You basically e-mail one another. There is a chat room but never a lot or any people in there. I personally think it sucks but \i just tyring to help.


To: amb - September 9

I'm sure you know that it's more than just emailing eachother. You can definately get more personal with posting pictures, taking polls etc. Great idea to try to start a group when in the past week it has been so scrutinized.


kEEKEE - September 9

Good luck with your group.



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