Group Strep B

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Donna - March 29

Hiya, ive been in hospital for the past week because of concern with my babys heart rate and i had an water infection and keytones in my blood, i shared a ward with 3 other girls and one girl was going on saying i might have group strep b and my baby can die with it.. well i checked this out with my doctor and im clear of it but i was wondeing if theres any symptoms to go with it or anything like that? and if u have it how do u get rid of it?


b - March 29

I have GBS. There are no symptoms that go along with it. You get tested for it during pregnancy (I got tested very early on during my pregnancy), and from what my midwife has told me is that there is nothing to worry about, when I go into labor they will start a penicillin drip and the baby will be fine. If you do not get the penicillin during labor than your baby can develop menigitis, or other problems, or probably die. About 30% (I do not know the exact amount) of women are positive for GBS, but don't know about it until they are preg. It is just a bacterial infection.


Mary - March 29

I just came back from my doctor and he told me what B just said - it is nothing to get worried over, an IV before labor will take care of things. :)


Donna - March 30

Thank god for that because when she mentioned that to me i got worried and i already had alot of worrys on my plate, thanks girls xx


Sarita Sanders - March 30

Six years ago I was tested at 35 wks for GBS and nothing came up. Then when my daughter was born, she sounded "funny" when she breathed. Like a low snoring. I sent her to the nursery and she never came back. It turns out she had this deadly infection and almost died from it. She did not come home from the hospital for two weeks. IT was a NIGHTMARE!!! I don't think I ever got a clear explination of what happened. One nurse went so far as accusing me of "sleeping around" and picking up this "STD." I was devestated. I am pregnant with my second child now and immediately asked about it. From what I can gather, it is a natural bacteria. There are no syptoms to mother. And you can be treated during labor with antibiotics and the baby will be fine. It is not that big a deal, you do not have an STD, and you have done nothing wrong to bring this on. I was tested again after my daughter was born and still nothing came up. My long labor was blamed for her being exposed to this bacteria. While it is life threatening to newborns, being as aware as possible and seeking the proper care is all you need to do. I hope you and your lil one are doing well and that maybe my story helps a bit. BTW, my daughter is now 6 years old and healthy as a horse! GL and God Bless.



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