Guys I M Pregnant And P Ssing My Pants Figuratively

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skinnyminny - May 3

The test said "Pregnant" And i was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy it felt like a dream. The world got blurry and i felt all fuzzy and i couldn't breath and I spent the next half hour shaking with joy. And then it started to sink in and I was up all night. I'm 18. I wasn't planning on ttc until i was, maybe 20. I don't know what made me go from over-joyed to CRUSHED. The feeling when I saw that stupid stick is, BEYOND WORDS. I wasn't THE LEAST BIT SCARED. Now I'm waiting for my fiance to get here so i can cry on him. WHAT GIVES?!!?!?!


MeaganG - May 3

Awe congrats hunni! Dont be scared if your fiance loves you he will be happy with you. Im 18 too and I would LOVE to be in your position. I want a baby more than anything. Your getting married so your baby already has a head start over many teenaged pregnancies. Good Luck!


MeaganG - May 3

What were your symptoms in the beginning?


livdea - May 3

lol...welcome to pregnancy and all the hormones!


ElizabethAnn - May 3

hey Skinnyminny! just wanted to share my experience with you!! Me and my Fiancee were trying to conceive!!! and when i found out i was actually pregnant i STILL freaked out!!!! hehe i'm 11 weeks now and SUPER happy, i think we just go threw a little shock! hehe and all the hormones make ya a little crazy!! Dont worry your dream like feeling will come back pretty fast!!! Happy pregnancy!!!!!!!


BabySage - May 3

When I found out I was prego I cried, I was devastated...I am 37 weeks and still have not really come to terms with it completely. I am not devastated anymore but I am not ecstatic (sp?) like a lot of women are either. For some reason though whenever my boyfriend touches my baby-bump I feel overjoyed to be carrying his baby. I can't really explain but I hope to heck my feelings sort themselves out when Sage is born. :P Don't worry, crazy feelings are a part of all pregnancies!


Been There - May 3

Skinnyminny, it's okay. I'm older than you, already have 2 kids, planned this pregnancy and still there are days when I think, "What the heck did I do?" I get scared too and I did this on purpose. It's just a little bit of mixed feelings and the reality that you are now responsible for another life. As for crying, I'll bet if you set up a separate post and asked how many of us have just cried because we needed to, you'd get a long list of replies. You'll be back to over-joyed again. It's absolutely fantastic! Congratulations!!!


skinnyminny - May 3

My symptoms were no period -fuller, tender b___sts (not nipples as usual, the top and sides feel like someones been punching me) -weird cramps that only last a few minutes, and not excruciating enough to be period cramps. On and off all day -I'm always yawning. -I feel dizzy when i walk up steps. -I feel REALLY dizzy when i move too quickly. -my lower belly feels full and a very little bit tender, and its not totally flat. Nothing drastic obviously, but i can tell a difference. -my back hurt and for me I became totally dissinterested in food. It's weird. I'll make something to eat, take a bite and not feel like eating it. I could drink juice or water forever though.



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