Haaaaayy Baby Grandma S Back

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grandma - April 12

I had to go down to Florida my granddaughter just got married last year and had her a big 9 pound baby boy I'm so happy to be back and very disappointed in some of the things I've read. honey it's ok not to like me I'm fine with that. now everybody just stop it.Tell grandma. how have you guys been.


tina - April 12

hello grandma I have been fine and I'm happy that your back and happy. I'm 36 weeks and very sad all the time. thanks for putting a smile on my fast your so sweet.


rrr - April 12

this grandma is a fake


molly - April 12

rrr that's not nice to say. please keep that negative stuff off of this post fake or not she's not hurting any body and making people happy like Tina who needs the support what's wrong with that. I think grandma is real and very wise which makes her helpful and I love having her back


need to know. - April 12

hey grandma... is it possible to get pregnant after a tubal ligation that was done 15 yrs ago.. having signs..(cept morn sickeness) body temp has been up..period in mar was lite and spotty.. no D/S tho.. bbs gettin bigger and now I have bumps on them.. tell me what u think.. oh AF is due day after tomorrow but I have no signs of it coming.. no cramps, no face breakouts.. nothing,, ( I usually cramp real hard and break out lol)


Milissa - April 12

Hey grandmother,I'm very disappointed in some of the women, am very sorry the way they are treating you..there are great women and MEN on this site.have a good day and concrats"


JLorenzo - April 12

You know what Grandma? You kind of remind me of my Grandma. She died awhile back though. I am one of the MEN in which Milissa was referring to. You know what my Grandma used to do for me? She would give me 20$ whenever I called her to say hello. Well, I am saying hello to you. Now I do take personal checks and even money orders...I will send you my address shortly! Congrats on the new baby...



Hey grandma ..i was wondering why we havent had any post for you lately no i know why.Welcome back


Foxy - April 12

Hi Grandma! Glad to hear you're not the sensitive type or else you would've commited suicide after all the horrible b___hy comments you've had to endure! Good on ya! Welcome back.


?? - April 12

where is she now


lynn - April 12

congrats on the new great grandbaby!



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