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Rey - December 2

Hi, I just found out that I'm about 4 - 5weeks pregnant and what worries me is that recently I have been going out for sushi (once a week) and also have been eating brie cheese. These are 2 foods on the 'to avoid' list. I would like to know the following: 1. What harm can sushi and brie cheese cause on the baby? (Why are they on the ‘to avoid’ list?) 2. Is there anything I can start doing to avoid any damage? I’d love to hear from someone about this. I would rather be prepared for as much as possible than be surprised; that’s why I’d rather know now what damage sushi and brie cheese can cause. Thank you.


tiffani - December 2

Don't worry about it. When you avoid these foods, you are simply avoiding potentially harmful bacteria that can live in them. This bacteria does not harm a healthy adult, but could pose a threat to a developing fetus. Don't worry yourself that you ate the sushi and brie, i'm sure all is well. I had quite a few margaritas one night before I discovered I was pregnant, and went on to deliver a beautiful/healthy baby girl.


Reb - December 2

If the sushi or brie you ate did not have a bacterial problem, then you really have nothing to worry about. Freshness and the fact that you have a depressed immune system when you are pregnant are the concerns. I don't think women in Japan give up sushi or women in France give up brie when they are pregnant. The "avoid list" of foods is to help you make the healthier choices. As tiffani says, don't worry about it. You can't uneat it.


m - December 2

Hi Rey. I wouldn't be worried about what you've already eaten, but I would try to avoid them from now on. Go to this site to read about fish/seafood/sushi: http://www.babycenter.com/expert/pregnancy/pregnancynutrition/2284.html . Soft and unpasteurized cheeses can contain the bacteria listeria. Even though it may not affect us, it can affect the fetus. You can do a google search for listeria and get a ton of results. I know it's not fun to give up things you love during pregnancy. But when you can go back to eating/drinking those things you love, it makes it all the sweeter! :o) Good luck!


Rey - December 2

Thanks for your replies. I won't be eating these things anymore until after my pregnancy. But I just can't stop worrying about what harm it might have caused my baby already. I'll check out the web site and see if it can help me a bit. But I think it's true that in Japan and France woman don't give up eating these things. Thanks again everyone :o)


m - December 3

Rey, go to "What about Feta?" and check out E's post. Good information!


nervouswreck - December 19

i ate feta cheese today and had no idea i wasn't supposed to...i am FREAKNG out to say the least! am i going to miscarry?


Zoe - December 19

Don't worry its just like drinking if you keep eating/drinking these things in large amounts then it will at one point effect the baby i'm sure. but if you think how small the baby is at the moment and all the things you eat apart from that then there will be like a 2% intake of that item (jst an example) the baby on really takes what it needs from what ever it can get. Don't worry m'dear, if we all misscarried when we drank or ate something we shoulda no one would be alive today. chin up xx



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