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R. Hunt - August 29

Is it safe to die your hair when you are pregnant? If not why? What should you do to not look like a two toned monster?


Vanessa - August 26

It is not safe to dye or perm your hair when pregnant because the chemical used is absorbed through the scalp and into the bloodstream creating exposure to the fetus. I would recommend reading "What to Expect When You're Expecting" by Eisenberg, Murkoff, and Hathaway which dives into this subject as well as many others. I paid $12.95 for the book and it was an excellent investment as well as read. Best of luck with your pregnancy.


Melissa - August 26

Hi! This is an interesting question that raises lots of answers. I had my hair permed with my first pregnancy and colored with my second. My babies are perfectly normal. There are no studies to suggest that doing this harms the baby or does not harm the baby. It is a possibility, but so is living in New York City and walking outside only to breathe the polluted air. I would say you would be fine to dye your hair in the 3rd trimester or even like in your 6th month. It is up to you. The argument that the chemicals are absorbed into the scalp is more true with a perm than with dye, that is if you only get highlights and the dye is not actually applied to your scalp but close too. I would say that the amount of chemicals absorbed is very little and does not affect the child in a negative way. But no one is for sure. It's not like you are hooking yourself up to an IV that has a perm solution drip! Well, that's my opinion, take it or leave it!


Jenny - August 29

I am a cosmetologist, it is absolutely fine to color your hair! There is alot of myths around saying you cannot perm or color your hair!...It's your choice! Perms are alot more harsh than color. You need to check with your stylist and see what he/she says. I personally think color would be better than highlites(BLEACH!!). But It's fine!! It's your choice!


Maddie - August 29

Alot of books do say that hair color and perming the entire head can be bad because the chemicals are absorbed through the scalp to the bloodstream. As an alternate solution, they suggest highlighting because the chemicals do not actually cover the scalp like a full color or perm. You can find all this information in pretty much any book under pregnancy in Borders bookstore and they allow you to read the books w/o purchasing them. However, the books did all indicate that most woman do refrain from even highlighting because your body chemicals are different which might, but not proven, affect the outcome of the highlight. I would suggest reading up on your own your asking a doctor-- I would not rely on the advise of my hairdresser.


Jenny - August 29

Do you actually think your doctor is going to know what kind of chemicals are in hair color?? Obviously she doesn't know what she is talking about...once again COLOR AND PERMS IS ABSOLUTELY SAFE ITS YOUR OWN CHOICE


brucen - August 29

I whole heartedly agree with Maddie. I don't think my hair dresser will know what the effects of the chemicals in hair dye will be on my unborn child, even if she knows what chemicals are in it.



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