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Sarita - March 30

Just wondering if ya'll had any opinions on whether or not it is safe to dye your hair during pregnancy. Thanks for any input


billie - March 30

I have high-lighted my hair twice since being pregnant. I was told that it's safe but you might have to do it often since your hair grows a lot faster.


amanda.d - March 30

They say its better to wiat until the second trimester and to avoid at home kits, salon is better.


Missy - March 30

My hair is nearly platinum blonde - Doc says it's OK to dye, doesn't recommend inhaling too much of the fumes or bleaching too often, but to dye or highlight is fine.


ebonee - April 11

no it is not


rose - April 11

they say its safe to do it in a well ventilated area...its the fumes that are bad to inhale!


KellyB - April 11

Ditto! I have had my hair highlighted, with the doctors blessing. I waited till I was out of my first trimester. Ideally I wanted to do it just once in my second and once in my third trimester but like billie said, your hair grows faster!


Kara - May 2

All the research I have done, says that it is better to wait til the second trimester and highlighting is better than coloring because the process doesn't actually touch as much of the scalp. Also they say to wear a mask or have proper ventilation.


April - May 2

Yep... I've done research too and my research said the exact same thing as Kara's research.


T - May 2

It's safe to dye your hair...but not safe to perm your hair


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 2

According to my doctor, it's safe to highlight, color and perm your hair in the second trimester. I've had my hair highlighted in both of my previous pregnancies and went on to have a healthy baby each time.


Mari - May 7

I was told repeately not to DYE my hair, but then I read somewhere that AS LONG as the dye is ammonia free then it shouldn't be harmful to the BABY-



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