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Heidi - June 1

Okay, so a couple weeks ago, stupid me was having a crisis cus I'm getting bigger and my self esteem hit an all time low. So I decided to totally change my hair color from blonde to a brown. Well the color I got wasn't any color! My hair looked like a wig! It looked horrible. The only person who said they liked it was my fiance and I figure it was just to be nice or cus he liked that I looked like someone else. LOL! Anyway, that dye didn't stink or anything. It had no harsh chemicals. So last night I was fed up with my wiggy hair so I bought a highlighting kit. It stunk really bad. I was only in the bathroom with it for about five minutes though and then got some fresh air. Is this safe? I hear other women dye their hair and perm it all the time while pg. I'm 20 wks now. Well my hair turned out awesome. I feel so much better about myself. How dumb is that right? Well when you went from weighing 115 to 135....I'm sure a lot of you can relate! I can't keep up with the skinny girl look anymore so it's sort of depressing! Then I decided to use his crest whitestrips since he wasn't. It didn't say anything about not using them while pg. Anyone hear if this is still not safe? It's just peroxide etc. You're supposed to use them twice a day and I wanted to use the rest of them up and get my teeth nice and bright again. I've used them before and they worked slick. Then I bought new nail polish after taking the old c__p off. Gosh, I hope it's not harmful to the baby. I just couldn't help myself. I feel so c__ppy about my looks these days. It's getting to the point where I swear my fiance is checking every chick out that goes by or is having an affair! I just get irate and have horrible dreams about him leaving me. I never had this before I gained all this weight. Is it just pregnancy blues? I hope I'm not the only crazy one out there!!!! Anyone??? I've never been this insecure in my life! He never tells me I look bad but jokes once in a while about my big butt. Still wants me all the time so I'm thinking it's all in my head cus of how I feel about myself. This summer is going to be torture!!!! Me in fat outfits and girls running around in bikinis! I don't mind being pg but I wish it would have been over the winter months instead!


NIC - June 1

I had the same questions to my OB who advised all of the above are safte during pregnancy as long as the fumes don't make you sick! Also, with pregnancy hormones it is very common for hair color/cut not to turn out the way you want it. I am having my hair colored today and am currently using crest white strips at 13wks! Good Luck and I hope it makes you feel better!


Me - June 1

You should not be using bleach on your hair or teeth . I would'nt worry about it now. Just don't do it anymore!ou should of asked your doctor he/she would have told you not to do so. You should be more worried about your childs health. You don't have that much longer to go.Wait to do those things after the baby is born. You can do other things to feel pretty. I am sure that your fiance thinks your beautiful .


Heidi - June 1

Well the hair dye didn't get on my scalp. I used maybe an 1/8th of the solution just to put highlights in. I didn't know there was bleech in the whitening strips. I thought it was a peroxide solution???


s - June 1

you are not supposed to be using the crest white strips during pregnancy. It can be very harmfull.....I just asked my dentist about this. The others are ok.


Heidi - June 1

Did your dentist give you a reason as to why teeth whitening was bad while pg?


JenniferB - June 1

I painted my nails all through my pregnancy and it was fine. I read that they have not found any reason for pregnant women not to whiten their teeth but companies that make them say not to for liability reasons. I have heard both that you can and should not color your hair. I think you will be fine. :0)


..... - June 1

My doctor(s) (I asked several in my practice) recommended to stay away from all that in your first trimester but was safe after that, which is what I did. This was the same advice all my friends and family were given from their doctors as well. I have also read several articles too. I have highlighted my hair once in the 2nd trimester and once now in the third, went for a manicure on my birthday. Dentist and OBGYN said whitening was fine after 1st trimester. With the fumes, they say just make sure you have lots of air and your not sucking them in.


chel - June 1

My ob says hair coloring, nail polish, self-tanning lotions are all safe. I haven't asked about the whitening strips though. I'd like to try them if they work well.


Heidi - June 1

They work great. I buy the original crest white strips, the 14 day process. They're the cheapest on the the shelf and you can usually find $5 off coupons in the sunday paper for them so they're about $15 a box. They really whitened my teeth a couple years ago so I'm using them again cus they're starting to yellow again from dark pop and coffee. Yuck! They did make my teeth a little sensitive for a while and after so many days my gums started to hurt from the peroxide so I'd just skip a day or just do it once a day instead of twice. It varies from person to person. Now my fiance quit after a couple days. Said it irritated his gums too much. Thanks for all the info everyone! I'm 20 wks so I'm not going to worry about it and I'm done tormenting my hair. I should be good till my due date! Then I'll get a total makeover. I'm sure I'll need one. I've been thinking about buying self tanner but the weather is getting warm here now so I might just get some sun for a short period of time here and there. I tan easily anyway. Just won't get too hot!


s - June 1

I asked him about it about 3 months ago and he absolutley refused to do it in office and said that I was not to use the over the counter bleaching stuff also. I asked him why and he just said that you swallow chemicals the whole time you have the device/strips in your mouth. There is more than just paroxide in the product. The thought of ingesting chemicals all night or for a few hours during the day scares me. So I decided not to do it.


April - June 1

bleaching your teeth is bad during pregnancy not only because of the chemicals... but because your teeth are already so sensitive from the baby taking your calcium to build its bones. Think about the acid that those products use to make your teeth white. For those who have used them before, they know that afterwards your teeth are extra-sensitive to cold and sometimes hurt a bit... that is worsened during pregnancy. Some women's teeth get so bad during pregnancy (because of the baby taking the calcium) that they need dentures or teeth pulled afterwards... bleeching your teeth would only make this worse.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 2

Nail polish and Crest Whitestrips are absolutely fine. Hair dye is also fine, AFTER 12 weeks, when the most critical development has already taken place. You sound like you're stressing out over all the changes your body is going through. It's normal. It's also normal for men to look at good looking women. Normal, but not very nice. Hang in there girlfriend. :o)


Laura0273 - May 21

Teeth Whitening Kit - when using this product after a week really notice the change. at least two shades whiter. and is very easy to use. really recommend. P.S. 10% discount coupon code: MN1



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