Hair Loss In Pregnancy

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Rhonda - October 21

I am 11 1/2 weeks washed my hair this morning. I was astonished to find that my hair was coming out in clumps.. This is my second pregnancy. The first one my hair came in thicker and boy I loved it. I have naturally thick hairso imagine even thicker hair. I ended up crying in the shower. Has anyone been through this and heard of this happening. I don't use any chemicals, hairspray, gels nothing...........


Jbear - October 23

I didn't have a lot of hair loss, but half of my hair turned gray, and I was only 26.


Rez - October 23

My friend lost some of her hair when pregnant and her sister in law (who is a hairdresser) said it is common due to hormones changing.


Zena - October 24

U need to take prenatal vitamins. i had the same thing in the beginig of my pregnancy, now i am taking prenatal and i am not loosing a hair.


ttm - October 24

My got really thick when I was preg with my son and my skin got really nice too. I'm preg with a girl now and I have acne and thinned hair. Might be due to the different hormones.


Rhonda - October 24

Thanx for the advice, unfortunately I cannot take the prenatal vitamins because they make me sicker then my morning sickness does, my doctor actually took me off them.


Camille - October 24

Hello. I am 17 weeks pregnant with my second child. During my first pregnancy with my son I lost a little bit of hair in the begining, but then didn't loose any. I too have very thick and long hair. This pregnancy I have been loosing a ton of hair. I do take prenatal vitamins and do not use anything on my hair except shampoo, etc. My mother when she was pregnant with me had the same problem. I know this doesnt help for I have no answers I just sympathize with you.


Bonnie - October 24

Most people lose hair AFTER the pregnancy. But like you guys, I lost a ton of hair witht his pregnancy. It was coming out in big clumps too! I couldn't even find any info on the net except one Web site saying sometimes it happens with the hormones. I've taken prenatel vitamins and eaten right throughout the whole time, it made no difference. (I am 28 weeks now) did stop about halfway through the second trimester. And while my nails got stronger (even though my durned hair was falling out) in the first trimester, they have now gone back to their normal condition as well. So there must be some kind of hormonal shift again midway through the second trimester. Hang in there ladies, hopefully it will stop for you as well.


Kal - October 25

Hey ladies. My midwife has advised me that it may seem that you're moulting during pregnancy, but it's just because your hair grows faster - so it will seem that you're losing more. This could be what you're noticing, maybe?



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