Haircolor Dye Highlights Etc

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Kellie - June 15

Is it ok to get my hair colored? I am 32 weeks pregnant and feeling kinda down about my looks and was thinking maybe a new hairdo would make me feel better about myself. If I can't, its no big deal...just thought I would ask. Thank you


monica - June 15

from what I hear I think its OK. But there are some salons that wont do it if they know you are pregnant. I am 33 weeks and I am roots are so bad.... but I am going to wait just a few more weeks until baby is born just to be on the safe side.


Jessie - June 15

I don’t think so. I think its recommend to not get anything like that done while pregnant. I am not sure but from what I understand the fumes are bad to inhale and the chemicals are absorbed into your skin and may harm the baby. That would be a good question for your doctor. Or, I am reading the sears pregnancy book and they talk about that too. I wanted to get my hair done too and was told not too, I wish I could, I could use a boost these days.


amy - June 15

i dyed my hair all throughout my pregnancy...i did it myself and made sure i bought hair dye that said "amonia free" because that is what my dr. recommended. but every doctor is different, just like every pregnancy. i would talk to your dr. just to be on the safe side.


ilse - June 16

Ask you dr. I dyed my hair all through my pregnancy but I did tell my stylist I was pregnant and she used less of the dye product than she normally does so the odor (fumes) was not as strong.


Beccah - June 16

I saw a "pregnancy for dummies" show on Discovery Health that said that it's perfectly alright to color your hair.


Julie - June 16

I get my hair highlighted about every 6 wks. I did it with my son and am doing it now. The doctor says it's fine because highlighting doesn't touch your scalp.


-m - June 16

I asked my doctor that question and she told me that it was ok as long as none of the dye touchs your scalp. I guess that would be kinda hard unless your are getting highlights. If you do make sure you are in a well ventilated room.



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