Handling Pregnancy And University At The Same Time

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Sharon2 - April 17

I'm 22yrs old and am 1 mth pregnant. Hopefully i will b starting my bachelors degree in September and my due date is in December. Do u think i will be able to handle going to university at the same time while being pregnant and then having to take care of my child when s/he is born. My course is 3 yrs long.


michelle - April 17

I did it with my first, second and fourth children. Good luck.


Lynn - April 18

I think so. I plan on doing it also. I have until dec 06 before I graduate & I'm due aroung thanksgiving this year. I don't plan on taking a full load (I work full time also), but I am going to continue. I know many people who do it.


Hayley - April 18

I'm sure it's possible but I personally would put off going to university until next year when you've had the baby and had a good 6 months or so to look after it before you have to start preparing for uni. You're only losing a year, which is nothing and it'll save you being stressed with doing uni work alongside trying to look after a baby. I did a 3 year bachelors of science degree and I know I would've really struggled with the work from that and a baby. Good luck!


babyonboard - April 18

yes i agree..i am 22 also and due to complete my first year in may, and my baby is due november..so i am deferring my second year by one year (and considering going part time with my course too!) you may be able to handle it but you won't do your best if you are juggling the two things, and once you have the baby i am sure you will want to be home as much as possible! olleges are very sympathetic to such situations and will talk you through your ooptions, as well as advising on financial and emotional support. you are still young , so a year or two out will be nothing!


sarita - April 18

DONT PUT IT OFF> go now..if you want to go to school...u go girl!!! I go to school, work, volunteer, raise a 6 yr old, and am 17 weeks pregnant. Its a lot...but its all about prioritizing. Dont let a baby be a reason to hold you back. I reccommend doing everything you want to do, and do it now. You will adjust and learn how to juggle like most women do. GL to ya!!


Lynn - April 18

I don't plan on taking any time off. I'm a little worried that I'm due on Nov 29 & my final exam will be about dec 10 or so & I'm not sure I will have time to do much studying between baby 7 then. But my main reason for not taking any time off is that I want to be done by the time the baby gets a little older so that I have the time to do things with him/her. When he's (wishful thinking on the s_x!) 2, i want to spend saturdays in the summer at the beach with him, not at home doing homework... that sort of thing.


Alex - April 18

I plan to continue. I work full time and I am in a masters program. I am 8 weeks now and I did cancel this cla__s and replaced it with a few siminars that would be easier for fear of the early tired, moody, sick symptoms but plan to take 2 summer clases, an 8 week and a 5 week fall cla__s. I should be able to finish around the same time and have the baby. I think the summer cla__ses will really show me if I can handle it. GOOD LUCK!


cle - April 18

Just a question, how does everyone afford childcare while they are working/in school? My bf is in college (he's 23, he took a few years off so he still has 2 years left) and I (22) work full time to pay all the bills, but he is on a sports scholarship and doesn't have time to work hardly at all, and I can't afford an extra 400$ a month minimum for daycare.


CC - April 18

Hi: I am 26 wks, and currently working full time as a healthcare administrator and completing my master's full-time as well. My thesis should be done by June, giving me about two months to relax before baby arrives. I think you can do whatever you set your mind to. I am 35, so my theory was that I would use those 2 months to take a much needed break before the baby arrives. I am in Canada, where we have 12 mths maternity leave, so it is nice to have that flexibility and still be able to spend 10 mths with the baby afterwards. Working +/- 50 hrs a wk and studying +/-25 hrs a wk has taken its toll, I must admit, and there were days when I thought I must be mad to try and do it all, but you know what? When all is said and done, I know I will be extremely happy I didn't push anything off. Best of luck to all of you who are striving to better yourselves through work, education, exercise, personal time, or whatever else will contribute to your personal fulfillment.


Hayley - April 19

I'd like to commend all the women that are handling university work as well as looking after babies. I know that personally I'd find it very stressful to juggle everything. I work full time at a hospital doing admin work and after a full day at work I'm so tired. I think having to study on top of that would be exhausting. You should make the decision based on what sort of person you are and how you handle stress etc. If you're revising for exams and you're heavily pregnant it's going to put a lot of strain on you. I would allow myself the time off to relax and concentrate on your baby. You're still young so you can easily make up the time. Good luck!


MiaBella - April 19

I'm doing that right now. I only have one child and its hard but can be done. I'm having my second in December, too. I'm not so sure about being able to keep going with two kids though. I think I will have to take a 1 - 1.5 yrs off. Is that a good idea to go in the fall? Won't you be due right around finals? Or even miss final if the baby comes early? I'm not taking any fall cla__ses because of that myself.


Lynn - April 19

I'm due about 2 weeks before finals. I'm gonna take the chance, worse thing that could happen I have to schedule a makeup exam 7 pay the $30... At least I get a whole semester out of the way.



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