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Babycrazy - November 11

I have a friend that ever sense we have been little she has copied everything I have done. I always thought it was flattering but in college it started getting to much so I backed off. Almost seven years later we started becoming close again, she has a long time boyfriend and they are doing great. At first everything was great, we get along so well and have a lot in common. The it started again, we got a new car they got the same one. I don't care about that but then I got pregnant and so did she two months later......her bf DOES NOT want it and they are really not in a good place to have one. He said he was going to break up with her and now she wants an abortion.....and wants me to take her!!!! She said she thought it would be cool if we had kids at the same time and keeps asking if I still want mine. I thought everything would be ok with us being friends again but I now see she is unstable and needs help. What should I do?! I would never have an abortion but I think it is a woman's choice.......this is bad though.....she got pregnant because she wanted to and this poor child should not suffer because of her ignorance........I feel lost.... and responsible!


sarah21 - November 12

You are so not responsible. She needs to learn that she can't live your life just because she wants to. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I know that if she gets an abortion you will probably feel guilty your whole pregnancy, especially when you start showing and she looks at you and sees that you have a baby and she doesn't, and it's not even your fault or responsibility. It's just terrible! Please make sure she has all the information she needs to make the right decision and try not to take it personally.


Carebear3 - November 16

It's not your problem she's got mental problems! She can make her own choices and if she don't want it and she's unstable then she should put it up for adoption not abort in my opnion. It's not your fault!


Gemini_Girl - November 17

Thats a shame sounds like the girl has serious problems its sad for her, but also you, as it is affecting you, copying your hairdo is one thing but shes taking it a bit too far this time, maybe you should try and distance yourself a little, tell her you cant meet her etc as you have plans - she might get the idea that you have your own life and dont worry about her too much, she is a grown woman, she can make her own choices and will get by! Goodluck


Babycrazy - November 20

Thanks ladies, we had a long talk and she has decided to keep the baby. We also decided she needs to seek help for her health and the health of her baby. She realizes she gets almost obsessed with someone and wishes she was them. Her and her boyfriend talked it out and he is getting used to the idea. He was just upset (and rightfully so) that she did it without even checking with him. We are going to distance ourselves as friends but I made it clear I would be there to talk if she ever needed it. Thanks for letting me vent :)



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