Harden Stomach

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chloe - November 22

i c alotta ppl on here say by week 4 their lower stomach feels hard-well im pretty sure im pregnant and some days my stomach is hard then not-is it normal or wat


lilmama - November 23

yeah its normal. If you feel really closey right around the pubic hair line you can feel a small hard spot about the size of a quarter or so. That is your baby! Cool huh?


w - November 23

oh my god thanks lilmamma, i was always pushing my staomach by my belly butoon and was wondering y it was like jelly for weeks, but i just pressed where u said and boy i felt something hard!!!!! Im so happy now LOL!!


just me - November 23

You should make sure you are pregnant... and its not something else... if you suspect that you are.. and you are TTC.. take prenatal vitamins and take a test... what makes you think you are? Have you missed a period ?


PL - November 24

Does feeling this small, hard lump truly indicate pregnancy??? The reason I ask is because the HPT's & BT say negative, but I'm 2 months late on my period, with just a few symptoms. No m/s, just fatigue, sore b___sts. But, I felt that small, quarter-sized lump. Can anyone else confirm this lump as an indication of pregnancy???


Christine - November 24

This is not a sure sign of pregnancy since it can mean other things such as hernia...or infection...as long as you are not having any pain things should be on the more positive side...Just my case, I did not notice any hardening in my stomach until I was about 8 weeks pregnant or so..good luck


Christine - November 24

And littlemama sorry to correct you but at 4 weeks pregnant the baby is barely the size of a pea...so if infact you are feeling anything it is just the little bit that your uterus has grown...(no nastiness intended)...


W - November 24

I am coming up to 12 weeks and only now i can c and feel hardness in my stomach, I think I am very small, but I am a small person anyway. But saying that I have had morning sickenss for nearly 5 weeks on and off, with tiredness, sore b___bs and nipples and positive HPT's. At 5 weeks nothing was there for me as time has gone by i can sure tell especially if I have my tight pj's on!! Hope it all works out well for every1 x


lilmama - November 24

I suppose you are right christine. I misread the question! I thought she said month 4! My mistake, sorry


Micunn - April 27

I have been on the pill for 5 years and just went off it about 4 weeks ago. My husband and I had s_x on three different days around the time of my ovulation. Yesterday I sarted feeling that my nipples were very sore and it hurt to touch them, although they are not as sore today. Could I be pregnant this soon after going off the pill??


to micunn - April 27

you could just be hormonally unbalanced. It takes up to three months for your hormones to regulate after going off the pill. I had horrible b___st soreness for two weeks leading up to my period for three months after going off the pill. On the fourth month it was still there.. but i was pregnant!


Jenice - April 27

So, when should you be able to feel the hard spot? (What week?) Could someone let me know? Thanks!


happy - October 23

So I'm 4 weeks pregnant, and feel some discomfort in my pubic area, is this normal?



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