Has Any One Else

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rena - November 3

I totally freaked out my dh and myself,last night we were laying in bed and for no reason i started laughing and then i started crying and then i laughed then i cried,my dh was saying honey whats wrong are you okay?and i had no idea what was so funny or so sad.it was so weird.has this happened to any of you?if so how often?


Mommy - November 3

LOL. I did that once or twice when I was expecting. I don't know what was going through my mind, but it made me laugh really hard then sob the next minute. Strange. If you are pregnant it may be your hormones. Or if you just had a baby. You may want to go to the doctor to be sure. Good luck.


YEP! - November 3

The same thing happened to me once. But I have no idea why. After I calmed down, I was more in a bad mood than good, and wanted to kill my husband!


rena - November 3

im 21 wks pregnant.i guess its horomones,its just so weird.


MeM - November 4

Oh yes this has happend to me...eveyone thought I was weird. But it's normal from the hormones. It's the one time in yourlife you can be wierd and not be put away for it...haha


rena - November 4

thank god for that!


leah - November 7

rena, this happened to me when i was a child and my parents were going through a divorce. I laughed hysterically, then started bawling my eyes out...I think it was kinda stress, and not knowing the best way to deal, which when youre pregnant, you are so mixed up half of the time. Im pregnant now, and sometimes feel the same way. Probably happens because we get a little unsure about things, and dont really know how to feel or let it out. hmm..who knows


Tess - November 7

Yes. I would be watching a tv then all of a sudden Im crying w/ no reason. Then next thing I knew Im laughing my a__s off for no reason again. Hmmmmm I guess its normal when you're pregnant.


stephanie - November 7

yeah... this is my first baby and i did not know what to expect. i find myself in tears all the time.. for no real reason. i even kicked my boyfriend out of the house once for dropping my pre-natal pills... i think we all go through these wierd changes...i guess you just have to put up with it for now.



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