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Lisa - August 14

I just found out that I am 3 weeks pregnant. I'm really excited but still in shock and a little bit scared too. My fiance and I are waiting until the standard 3 months to tell everybody, which will be right after our wedding. I'm really scared and nervous about what's to come and it's keeping me from being outwardly excited for some reason. It's making my fiance kind of sad because I can't seem to get past this fear. It may be because we haven't told anybody and it doesn't seem real yet or something but I don't know. I keep worrying about finances. My fiance is a musician who does extremely well, when he works, but it's not a stable job and we never know when the next one is. A child is a huge responsibility and we both understand that and are going to be so dedicated and loving to this baby, but I'm really worried for some reason, is this normal? This is a huge life changing thing we are going to experience. My question is, has anybody felt this way upon finding out they're pregnant? Excited, yet scared and worried? So much that they can't get past it and enjoy the moment? Thank you!


Katie - August 13

Yes i know how you feel! I'm also just a few weeks pregnant I'm 6 weeks. We told my whole family as soon as we found out but i'm still in shock. I'm excited but nervious. A million questions w/o answers!!! My advise to you is don't stress if you can help. Stay calm and relax stress can cause some major problems. Just hang in there and focus on your new family and your wedding. If you would like to talk more email me @ [email protected] Good Luck to you!!!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - August 13

How the hell would you know that you were 3 weeks pregnant? It's all in you head love, at least wait to see if your period begins before you start convincing yourself that you are pregnant. Use your head. S_x doesn't = pregnancy everytime!


unknown - August 13

what makes you think your pregnant??you can't tell untill your at least 4 months pregnant. Are you crazy??


L - August 13

Did a doctor perform a pregnancy test on you? The only way I can see you knowing at this early stage is through a blood test which can detect small amounts of the pregnancy hormone. As for your fears about what the future holds, it is perfectly normal and many women go through it.


brucen - August 14

I can definitely relate, I found out I was pregnant just before my wedding too. As for it being too early for you to tell those people are wrong. I figured it out about the same time 3-4 weeks into it. A home preganacy test confirmed it # TIMES. # weeks later I went to my obgyn, who confirmed it again. Good luck and don't worry. Your feelings are prefectly natural.


brucen - August 14

# = 3 obviously


Lisa - August 14

Yes, I went to the doctor and he performed a test. It's 3 weeks since conception, so I guess I should say 5 weeks, because that's how they do it, right? I've had several positive home tests and a positive blood test.


Leigh - August 14

It is completely possible to detect pregnancy that early. Are you crazy Unknown? 4 months? You are ovulating about 2 weeks before your period is due and if it doesn't come, you can take a pregnancy test and confirm. So technically you can detect a pregnancy even earlier than 3 weeks. You people need to educate yourselves before you make such harsh judgements.



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