Has Anybody Have To Toss Their Cookies While In Labor

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kee kee - March 8

h__lo yall im knew to this forum and not only did i hear that you might have a bowl on the table but i also hear that you may have to toss your cookies. how many of yall ladies that have children have done this and why does this happen. God i hate too throw up. Even when i feel like i have to, I try my hardest not too. Some one answer me please


Lindsey - March 8

KeeKee-When I was in labor with my son, as his head had come out and was about to push the shoulders out, I had this sensation I was going to throw up. But it was like for 5 or 10 seconds, and after that he delivered. I too, am terrified to throw up, but I was so determined to deliver him, that it didn't bother me. needless to say, I didn't throw up, but just about! When I was pushing the last thing I was thinking about was vomiting. But, I'm sure many women have the same sensation or do throw up. My friend threw up with every contraction!!! But, EVERY woman is different! You may breeze right thru it! Good luck to you!


CEM - March 8

i threw up when i had my first child, but i'm pretty sure it was because i ate dinner just after i was induced. most doctors will tell you to eat very lightly, or not at all preferably, as labour is beginning. drinking fluids is much better. best of luck.


autum - March 8

i threw up with my son, common thing, you really wont care if it happens, theer is so many things coming from everywhere and you'll just want that baby out. good luck and please dont worry


kee kee - March 10

Thinks for answering me everyone. I got 2 more weeks to go. hope that eeverything turns out alright.


KM - March 10

I threw up as well. The contractions are hard on your tummy, and sometimes it can be from the drugs, such as demerol


amanda.d - March 10

I have had three children and have never once thrown up, however i did have a bm on the table with my first.


RR - March 18

Yep- i threw up while in labor - not pretty- but I do think it was from the drugs they gave me - I do not do well with any type of drug - I threw up only once though thank goodness ;)



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