Has Anyone Actually Had There Baby On Their Due Date

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Missy - May 22

I was just curious as to how many women on here have given birth on their exact due date. Everyone I know has either had their babies way earlier or way later then their expected due date. have any of you made it exactly? Just curious.. Thanks


BBK - May 23

For whatever it's worth your chances of delivering on your due date are 5% but your chances of delivering 2 weeks on either side are 85%. Keep in mind that due date is based on an estimate of 280 days (266 days of gestation). There are rules and regulations, but generally the more regular your cycle is, the higher your chances of hitting your EDD


anna - May 23

i had my second child on the exact due date that the dr. gave me. january 5th. I was shocked because i have never known anyone myself that has had their child on the exact due date until i did myself, so it definitely does happen.


Julie - May 23

I had mine 4 days early I haven't really heard of anyone giving birth on their due date


~*Annie*~ - May 23

My son was due on March 5th and I gave birth to him on March 1st. So it was 4 days early.


m - May 23

My first child was born on her due date. The night before I prayed REALLY hard (LOL) and at 4am an "angel" knocked on my door. I got up and my water broke!!!!! True Story!


kris - May 23

I had my son on his due date. 12:11 AM, so just barely, but it was on his due date.


p - May 23

My sister, after 12 hours of labour, delivered at 1am on her due date.


kd - May 23

i went into labor with my first child on her due date and had her the next day. 2nd one was 2 weeks late and 3rd one was 3 weeks early.


ruth - May 23

I have two daughters 14 and 3 yrs they were both born on there due dates,dont ask how but they did


Lovely - May 23

With my son, I was in non-progressive labour, and he was in fetal distress, so, even though I had spent the ENTIRE day in labour, ON MY EXACT DUE DATE, he needed to be yanked out via c-section, at "00:38"... littlwe more than 1/2 hour past our due date.


J - May 24

My sister had her baby on her due date.


danielle - May 25

i had my first son on his due date at 430 in the morning and my second was five days early. waiting to see when the third one is going to come.


jan06 - May 25

our baby (babies?) will be due on friday the 13th if i make my due date. lol


KEEKEE - May 25

No!! I had my first son 1 week late. My second son 8 weeks early. Good Luck!!


Maleficent - May 26

my second baby came on her due date. my first was a week late.


Niema - May 26

no but i was close i had my son the day after my due date...



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