Has Anyone Else Tested For Quad

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Colleen - November 2

Please respond if you have mabie had a screen for this test? Especially if it was +


geri - November 2

quad..what is that? may be i have but not sure...do you mean the triple screen test?


TO GERI - November 2

I believe so it tests for a certain hormone in a womans blood, and I think it is called htp. It basically tests for Downs or a pre test to determine if the baby has it and I've tested positive but we did an ultra sound and all looks good but now he wants to see me every 3 weeks and I'm only 26 weeks. Please write back- I do think it's called a triple test


geri - November 2

oh..are you the one i wrote to on the other site? i am also mom of 4...when i took the tests it was called a triple screen...you caught me off guard with the name quad


Colleen - November 2

Yes, I am the same one. Are they the same test? I go back tommorow but he still wants to see me every 3 weeks and that has me worried that the baby isn't ok. We did do the extensive ultrasound looking at everything but I am greatful to get as much feedback as I can especially from someone like you.


~N~ - November 2

Hey Colleen- Hope everything turns out okay! You should also post this question on the 'Pregnancy Complication' board - if you haven't already.You might get more feed back on there. Good luck. :)


Colleen - November 3

-M- Your right. I go back to the dr. today and I have been spending way too much time obsessing over this overrated test. I am thankful to of heard from people such as yourself about this test. With my last pregnancy I never had the option but with this baby I decided hey, why not? Now, I do regret it because just like yourself I've been hearing the false positive test result. I don't agree with this test especially now. Thank you so much for your input it really really helped me! Take care- Colleen


to ~m~ - November 3

Mine was negative. I know there are a lot of false positives, but not a huge amount as you imply. At least not in Alabama. If it comes back positive, you have options to check into it further, such as amnio and level 3 untrasounds. One other thing, this test is not standard. They offer it, or you can ask for it. It is not covered by insurance (usually) and I have never heard of a doctor's office a__suming you would have an elective test like that and automatically charge you for it. Colleen, don't worry, God will not give you more than you and He can handle! Good luck!


Colleen - November 3

-m- That is the only thing that has helped me is that God is going to take care of this baby. No matter what I will love this baby. Pray that everything goes well at the Dr.'s office today, I opt to have an amnio or not and discuss it with him so wish me luck- Thank you for the advice-


~m~ : to colleen, and "to ~m~" - November 3

Colleen, you are so very welcome! I wish the best for you! ------ For "to ~m~" : Actually there are a HUGE amount of false positives. I did lots of research when this happened to me, and it is fact that there are tremendous amounts of false positives. There is a ton of research to support this. And yes, I am fully aware of the option to do further testing. It was offered to me, but since I had no plans of loving the baby any less, or of terminating the pregnancy, why would I risk my pregnancy with something like an amnio? That was my outlook on it anyway. You say you've never heard of a doctor's office a__suming you would have an elective test. Well, I guess you have now, because that's EXACTLY what happens at many offices. Yes, it's elective, and I know that. That is why I chose NOT to do it this time. Although it IS covered by my insurance. By the way, I never said there aren't negatives. My focus was on the positive test results, and most of them ARE false positives! ---- Colleen, coming from someone who has been through this (and knows several others who have), trust me, the test is BS! Best of luck to you sweetie!


to colleen - November 3

I tested positive 1/41 for trisomy 18 turned out false positive so don't worry the genetic couciler advised me that even testing 1/41 only gave me a 3% chance of having a baby with trisomy 18 so that means 97% chance not having it and like i said turned out to be fine my baby if perfectly healthy


mom of 4 (aka geri) - November 3

well..like i said on the other posted question, i did , too, have a false pos...abigail is ok :)


~m~ to mom of 4 - November 3

I'm glad to hear that your baby is ok! I know what a relief it is to find out that the test was wrong. It feels like a miracle! Bless baby Abigail! And bless your baby, too "to colleen"!


Colleen - November 3

-m- Went to the dr. & all was fine. We did an extensive ultrasound to look at everything and the baby looks great. Thnx for prayers- Luv-Colleen


~m~ - November 3

Oh girl, I am soooooooo happy for you!! Congrats sweetie!! :o) BABY DUST TO YOU **************


Rose S. - November 3

HI Colleen!! I had this test done at 16 weeks (i think), and it came out positive for abnormalities. Of course I freaked out like any of us would and then they did this level three ultrasound. I have had several ultrasounds since then and the baby is PERFECTLY healthy. It seems I had a false positive. I have heard that this is VERY, VERY common. I did not have the test with my daughter, but my b/f wanted me to have it this time. I wish I wouldn't have. All it did was stress me out to the max. I don't think I would ever opt to have it again. I wouldn't have aborted even if something was wrong with the baby. I wouldn't recommend this test to anyone, unless, you would consider aborting if there were something wrong. Otherwise, you will just cause yourself undue worry and stress.....and don't we have enough of that?


to Liz - November 3

you are full of c___p you are not an obgyn if you were you would not say that 85% of people that test positive have a baby with a problem!! I test positive and guess what after being freaked out I found out NO PROBLEM MY BABY IS PERFECTLY HEALTHY SO KEEP YOUR CRAP SPEWING MOUTH SHUT I SAY THIS CAUSE I DID SO MUCH RESEARCH AND FROM WHAT I FOUND OUT MOST OF US WHO TEST POSITIVE DON'T HAVE A BABY WITH A DEFECT WHY WOULD YOU COME ON HERE AND TRY AND SCARE WOMEN WITH YOUR CRAP?????



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