Has Anyone Ever Been Induced

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Karen S - April 23

Does it hurt worse than going on your own? Please tell me details cause Im not sure if I want to be induced and can I change my mind at the last minute?


Mellissa - April 23

Karen- every woman is different, and every labor is different... but here is the story of how my induction went when i had my daughter in September '03: I went in for a scheduled induction at 5:30 pm. I was at 2 1/2 cm dilated to start with. within minutes contractions started...but i didn't feel any pain. at 11:30 they checked me and said i was at 4 cm and considered to be in active labor since my contractions were very close together. but still i wasn't uncomfortable at all. i could feel my belly tightening, but that was really it. at 7:30 the next morning i was at 7 1/2 cm and my water broke. within a few minutes the pain started. i felt a lot of pressure mostly, and pain in my back. it wasn't enough to make me ask for an epidural, just really unfomfortable. an hour and a half later i started pushing. it did take me quite a while (an hour and a half) to push her out... but pushing made all the pain of the contractions go away, so i didn't mind too much. of course, that was my first birth, so i can't compare it to going into labor on my own. but my experience was not nearly has painful or traumatic as i prepared myself for. everyone told me being induced hurt really bad because the contractions come on so fast, but mine was very gradual...and i was only in pain for about 3 hours total. hope that helps ease your fears! as far as changing your mind, i'm sure one the pitocin is administered, it would be a little late. but i had to be induced because i went two weeks past my due date...so no choice there for me!! good luck and i hope things go the way you plan!!!


Mellissa - April 23

sorry... i forgot to mention the method of induction they used was a balloon inserted through my cervix and filled with water (to put pressure on it) and a pitocin drip via IV.


Been There - April 23

I was induced with my second child. She was late and my cervix was doing absolutely nothing. I checked into the hospital the day before the pitcocin was scheduled to be administered to receive the cervidal (sp?) to get the cervix ready. Although I finally felt something 7:30 the next morning and finally stronger contractions within 1 hour, I only dilated to 4 cm. Although I felt the contractions were strong, they were very weak and barely doing anything. My cervix never effaced. I ended up having a c-section that evening. You may want to first consider why even want to be induced. Is it necessary, because the body is made to do this on it's own, in most cases it does what it's supposed to do. I would never have elected induction if it weren't that I was already 9 days overdue. I went through natural labor with my first daughter and I felt it went smoother because my body was ready and made the choice. It wasn't forced like the second time, when my body just refused to cooperate and act right.


Karen S - April 23

The only reason I was going to do it is b/c my parents leave to go out of town on the 5th of May for my sisters graduation and I want my parents around when I have him. I dont know what to do cause I really dont want to be induced but I feel like I have to.


Mellissa - April 23

karen, when is your due date and how long will your parents be gone? there is always a possibility that the baby will come early, or late. will they be close enough to where they can drive back at the last minute? like i said, i went over my due date by two weeks, that's the only reason i was induced. even though i had a rather easy experience, i am hoping my son (i am 27 weeks pregnant now) decides to come on his own. if faced with a choice, i would choose to let things happen naturally, but that's just me. i really hope you are able to make the right choice for you!!!


mom2b2x - April 24

Karen S ~ i was induced with my first and i neve had a prob i wa in labor for 5 hours ... they gave me pitocin and broke my water and then they monitored me and becaus ei had already told them i wanted and epi and all that whenever the contractions picked up they gave me pain medication and later my epi .. the catheter was a lil uncomfortable and it was kinda pinful when they broke my water but ohter than that i was fine and i actually liked it and was more comfortable becasue i was being monitored the whole time so i had absolutely no stress about the baby ... everyone is not the same but my experience with induction was a good one and my daughter is 3 and healthy and i am 38 weeks with my second and actuallt thinking of scheduling induction with this one also


Karen S - April 24

I live in Nebraska and my parents are going to California so no not so close. I already had my doctor change it once and they are suppose to call me today with a time is it to late to tell them no?


HannahBaby - April 24

i thought that my induction was terrible, after a few hours of it i had to be taken off because my daughter heartbeat was very unstable, Thank god i progressed on my own. After i had my daughter i worked on the maternity floor and found out how dangerous Pitocin is, i will never be induced again. I am 15 weeks pregnant and my Blood pressure is a little elevated already (thats why i was induced with baby 1) and i make it clear already that i will not have pitocin, and will take a c-section. My advise is wait as long as you have to before you decide to induce


HannahBaby - April 24

ps. when i worked on the maternity floor there were a few girls who had the pitocin and couldent handle it. They demanded that it be shut off (which is your right!) and then proceeded with a c section. Good luck in whatever you chose


JenniferB - April 24

I was induced, in labor for 26 hours and ended up having a c section. I absolutely believe that if my doctor had not talked me into being induced and I went naturally, I would have had a much easier time. I was only 3 days late and there was no medical reason to rush it along. I would never do it again unless it was medically neccesary. It was done last time for the doctor's convenience because he would be away for three days. If you don't NEED to do it than I wouldn't. Good luck, I hope everything goes well.


Leahp - April 24

I had my induction due to being 12 days overdue, my hubby and I were very anxious and worried because the placenta can start to detach after too long, so we begged for an induction. They put me on the pitocin and nothing happened for a whole day, so they inserted some cervidel and let me go to sleep and the next morning I went to a 1cm, they broke my water and let me be for a couple hours to see if I would start on my own, which didn't happen so they did more pitocin and wham!!! The contractions were coming, I was only in labor for six hours and had her by forceps, brutal!!!! But it wasn't that painful thank god for epidurals and I would try to go on your own, but you never want to go too long, I would also opt against a select c-sec, more drugs are pumped into you and the baby than just going with pitocin, plus it's a rough recovery and you can bet on your stomach never being the same, since I'm a personal trainer, I've helped women try to bounce back.


blue_moon - April 24

I was induced at 42 weeks. When I went in my cervix was at 2cm. They said I was having contractions regularly but I couldn't feel them. First they put some sort of jelly (sorry I don't remember the name) on my cervix to soften it. I went about 9 hours with no change. Then they gave me a pitocin drip and about 5 hours later still no change. They broke my water next and then I could feel every single contraction but still only 2cm. Almost two days later I still had to have a c section. I'm sure your parents know how much you care about them and that you want them to be there but they just have to understand that it is your decision and that you have to put you and your baby first. There could be serious side effects to being induced so take your time and do what's best for you. Congrats and good luck!


Karen S - April 24

Thanks everyone for your advise and experiances! I just talked to my doctor today and she says that she wants me to be induced because of my high blood pressure. So that makes me feel better that she wants it done instead of me planning the birth of my son around my parents going out of town. So yep Im being induced which Im still scared and I hope he still comes on his own but at least it was my doctors decision now, not mine:)


Been There - April 24

Maybe you could try helping him along naturally and he'll still be ready to come on his on, even before induction. Walking daily may help, especially closer to the due date. Best wishes!


Mellissa - April 24

karen, well i'm glad your dr has a reason, so that makes the choice a little easier for you. :) i hope your experience is like mine. i was very very lucky...i'm more nervous with this one because i'm afraid it's not going to go as smoothly as the labor with my daughter went. either way, whether you get induced, or it happens naturally, i'm sure you'll find the experience worthwhile..and i hope it bring you lots of good memories. :) good luck!!!


momof3 - April 24

My first preg. I was put on Pitocin drip and had 18 hours of labor that ended in a C Section.. I wouldn't do it that way again that is for certain. The contractions were out of this world unbearable and came on VERY quickly, I begged for a section B/C I couldn't take any more. My second went much smoother. I had a succesful VBAC and did it W/O any pain medication or interventions other than having my waters broken in early labor which kick started active labor. But it was much more manageable, and a natural progression of severity in contractons...I would reccomend an induction in this way over any "drip" out there...it's more natural.



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