Has Anyone Get Evaporated Lines And Was Pregnant

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hoping4baby3 - April 14

Help! I am going insane... My husband and I have been trying 2 get pregnant for a very long time and this month things are a little different. I am DPO11 today and since DPO9 I have been getting a + on my hpt only after 10 minutes... It looks pink to me but it is extremely light... Also, this is only my 2nd month using the 25hcg hpt sticks I purchased on ebay... Has anyone had any experience like mine? I tried 10 different sticks and most of them show evap line after 10 minutes...


babyblue2 - April 14

I used the ebay cheapies as well and only got faint lines early on as well(I was preg!). You may be just too early to test. I would wait a few more days and try again. If you are still not sure, get a drugstore test that is a different brand. Good Luck!


hoping4baby3 - April 14

Hi! Thank you so much for responding... did the faint lines show up before or after the 5 mins.? I know any line means prego but what if they show up after the time the company tells you?


kimberly - April 15

You are probably pregnant but I would retest with another brand just to be sure. You should never read a test after the allotted time given because of evaporation lines. But, I have 3 kids and I have taken a ton of test and the only test I ever seen any kind of line on was the times I was actually pregnant. So I think you are probably pregnant but you really should retest just to be sure.


babyblue2 - April 17

My faint line showed up right at the 10 min mark. But what makes me think u are preg, is that when I had a neg test, no evap lines showed up after the 10 min mark... not even days later when I would see them in the trash can. The only time i got lines with the cheapies, is when I was actually preg (I used them for 2 pregnancies). Good Luck!


kimberly - April 17

Did you retest?


hoping4baby3 - April 17

Thank you everyone for responding. Its nice to know that there are people out there that care and takes the time to help whenever possible. Kimberly, yes, I did test two days ago with a different brand and BFN. Yesterday my temp went down so I just thought AF was definately coming and just get used to the idea that this month again I did not get preggo... But then this morning, 14 DPO, my temperature when back up so I started hoping again... Tested with the cheapie kind and BFN for the first 5 mins. as stated in the intruction. I did not look past that. I think AF is coming but I dont feel it... but then again I dont feel anything except for my sore b___sts... I am so confused. I dont want to set myself up for disappointment AGAIN but its hard not to hope... I'll keep you posted! Thanks...



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