Has Anyone Gotten A Yeast Infection When Ttc

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DB - April 30

I was on cd10 yesterday and got a mild yeast infection..what timing huh? So, I got a monistat 1 day treatment and started it last night....I have an RE appt. wednesday for u/s and b/w to monitor follicles and get trigger shot if they are ready. Does anyone know if the monistat treatment will affect dh's sperm??? I am worried that it will harm them and this cycle will be a total bust. I am starting to feel much better down there, so I know this stuff is working, but i 'm so paranoid that it will affect our chances (not so much the yeast, but the treatment) Has this ever happened to anyone???? Or anything similar???


DB - April 30

for clarification, when i wrote yesterday, it was saturday...re appt is wednesday.


mgn - May 2

DB, it happened to me a couple time (yeast infection from s_x) I read it has a lot to do with the sperm throwing off the normal PH in your v____a. The first few times of trying I layed in bed for awhile but now I only wait 10-15minutes and I get up and try to force myself to pee. I know it sounds silly but my friends a doc and she said peeing after intercourse helps clean out anything that is blocked in there and can cause infections. as for the monistat, i am sure it affects the ability to conceive. they say to not even use ky or anything like that b/c it disrupts it so i imagine monistat does. hope it all works out for you. baby dust to all of us! mgn


smskam - May 3

Hi DB, just to let u know when my DH and I were trying in early march, i also developed some itching down there,it was terrible, but couldn't see a doc.She instead prescribed a lotion on phone and said it must be something i changed in my cosmetics or so.. which i had not ...anywyas that medication helped. This episode by the way, had started after a scanty abnormal period that i had for 2 days or so..initially i thought IB but never tested positive...so i thought it was justa freaky cycle..and was really looking forward to a normal cycle in april...but then in april again, i had the same itching , but this time it was during the time my AF was expected.My AF was due on april 15-18..never came ,but this itching came.and so I called the doc's office,the nurse pract_tioner was the one could see me, so i got myself checked .she said there was absolutely nothing wrong with me, i mean no bacterial infection or yeast.and that i was perfectly healthy down there..She also tested for pregnancy (urine test) and it was negative...that really did not help me.. coz i had been so uncomfortable for the past couple days and couldn't sleep the earlier night .infact, even when i was at her office that morning , i was very very uncomfortable coz of the itching and i told her that...ofcourse there was no abnormal discharge or smell both the times but the itching was bad...anywyas she also said may be it was a change in the lotion or soaps.. and i swear there was no change in anything in my life...i was very surprised and disappointed to say the least, coz after the appointment that day, i was itching all day , thru the night ...but it miraculouclsy disappeared the next morning when i had some scanty bleeding the next day. it was either the bleeding caused by the internal exam, as it was almost only mucousy with some red or it was my AF just 6 days late and again scanty and abnormal....that flow also lasted only 2-3 days ..i have had a 5 days period always. .Anyways, I have not been testing poisitive on urine tests and so can't say if it is coz of pregnancy..though i wish it is...and the doc's office wouldn't do any further investigation even when i asked for it . can't believe it !!! .But I do have a general yearly obgyn appointment this month and hope to share my concerns with the doc then. I have no history of any yeast or other infections in my life before and never have had scanty periods ever before and i am not over 30 to be perimenoupausal either..plus i have some abnormal pains in my abdomin area all over on and off.... but may be, as mgn said, the lying in bed after s_x is the reason.. u know many people say it is good to lie there for 30 mins or so..and i had done that ...so what mgn said may be true... coz i know that i hadn;t changed any cosmetics or lifestyle or food and the docs didn't see any infection but had stayed in bed for 25 min after ... anywyas good luck!



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