Has Anyone Had A Gum Infection During Pregnancy

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KrisD - May 4

I'm not sure what I've got going on, I do have an appointment scheduled with the dentist, of course. But have any of you ever had a gum infection during pregnancy (I am so afraid of taking antibiotics!). I woke up this morning and had to pull my bottom teeth out of the roof of my mouth...


prego nc - May 4

Take it from someone who knows from expierience, that you need to go to the Dentist and have them give you some antibiotics. There are a few that are safe for pregnancy. As long as they are not in the Tetrocycline family. I let mine go on for years (I really didn't know anything was wrong) and had to spend $4,000 on surgery to my gums. I had lost bone and they had to graph skin and bone from other parts of my mouth to places that I had lost bone! $18,000 dollors later I have a movie star smile, but ouch!!!! THE MONEY i could have saved if I had taken care of it to begin with! FYI about $13,000 of that was cosmetic.


Dental Student - May 4

yes ... it's normal, a lot of women experience pregnancy a__sociated gingivitis ... contact ur dentist immediately and set up an appointment to treat the condition...


Erin RDH - May 5

As a dental hygienist we see many women who experince gum issues during pregnancy. Make sure you have good oral hygiene habits (flossing daily, mouth rinse like listerine 2 times daily and brushing) and everything will be fine. If you are still worried, make an appointment with your DDS or Hygienist, and they can give you some helpful tips.


Tinker to Dental Hygenist - May 5

Can I just ask you something? When I use mouthwash everday I get a throat infection. Somebody told me it's because it kills off all the good bugs in your throat and you shouldn't use it more than once a week. Is there any reason why I should be more prone to throat problems after mouthwash? Have I got bugs that nobody else has? I'm not mistaken about the cause, because it happens every time.


tehProgamer - May 6

dentists said not to use alcohol based mouth wash becasue it dries up the throat and encourages the growth of unfriendly bacteria and microbes in there leading to the development of throat infections and such... i have a question to those who had been preggie, HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE TERM "CALCIUM CANNIBALISM," it is said that the baby competes with the mother with essential bone forming minerals thus making the mother's bones brittle duting pregnancy, is this true??? thanks in advance >_^


to tehProgamer - May 6

I have not heard that term but I have been told that the baby robs the mother's calcium IF she does not consume enough while preg.. I myself drink lots of milk, I have craved it since being pregnant and I also try to take my prenatal pill everyday (some days I forget). :)


Owww - May 6

That must have hurt!! Bless your heart! My gums bled during the beginning of my pregnancy but not all the time...a nurse told me that gum problems could cause baby to have low birth weight. Goodluck!


KrisD - May 6

I know!! I read about the low birth weight and was petrified! I am an avid brusher/flosser, but definitely had something going on in there! So just to update... The dentist sort of brushed me off saying "Oh honey, this is your first, that is what happens when you get pregnant!" Well, when I couldn't even gum my raisin bran in the morning I went to my Dr. who told me I had some sort of mild infection. They told me equal parts hydrogen peroxide/water, swish it around... It is already almost gone. Gross. Thanks for all the replies!


Erin - May 7

To answer all of your questions: Alcohol in mouthwash does dry the tissues, and could be the source of your infections. Salt water is very effective, and may be the best suggestion for you (more natural). When women are preg., and do not get enough calcium, that is when you run into problems. The baby does take a lot of calcium ( and omega-3....which causes forgetfulness!!) and can make your bones and teeth more brittle. As long as you increase your calcium, you should be OK. As for low birth weight babies, this has been linked with Periodontal disease. This is a severe infection of the gums and bone. There have been studies that show women who have perio issues during pregnancy have a higher rate of delivering low birth weight babies. It has also been linked to heart disease. As long as you are taking care of your teeth (and as we all know, it gets harder when you can hardly put a toothbrush in your mouth!!) while you are pregnant, you should be OK.



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