Has Anyone Heard 2 Heartbeats Anyone Wow

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Julie - March 21

It's my first pregnancy and the doctor found 2 heartbeats on both sides of my belly. I have to wait to get my ultrasound in two weeks. I am 18 weeks. My doctor also said my uterus was measuring quite large. The doctor said it may be twins. Wow! I am going CRAZY!!!!! Anyone had similar situation? Can't WAIT!!


Heidi - March 21

Congrats! Ha ha! When I heard the heartbeat for the first time I was like, there's just one in there RIGHT?!!?!! Ha ha! I don't think I'd handle twins very well. My doc told me that at my 12 wk visit they can usually tell if you're having twins because your uterus is larger than normal and goes up into your abdomen a little more or something like that. Then if that's the case, they order an ultrasound to see if there's two in there! I'm content with just the idea of one but some moms want two. My co-workers wife just had a boy and a girl this weekend. They have their hands full!


Tigerphoenix - March 21

My mom has always told me I was next in line to have twins (every 4 generations the eldest female has twins) I am waiting to see if my mom's superstions are right. I kinda want to have twins (a boy and girl), that way I wont have to go through this again lol!


Leahp - March 21

Hello, I was wondering if you knew whether or not you can hear the placenta on either side of your uterus. My doc told me the strong heartbeat sound of me and whooshing is the placenta and I can find it on one side of my lower abdomen and then all the way on the other side. But I've only heard one heartbeat. I thought it was strange!


Julie - March 21

Leahp, I have heard that you can hear an echo of the heartbeat from the embilical cord? Maybe that is what you heard?


Chris - March 22

Maybe you do have two in there! Waiting must be horrible!


HELEN - March 23



Jamie - March 24

My fingers are crossed for you! I'd love to be having twins or trips...


Julie - March 24

Thanks Jamie, it would be so great to have twins. I am really lucky to be having one, I never thought I could have two??? Now I find out all these people in my family are twins. 12 more days...... Everywhere I look on the internet and what I read is mosting saying twins. I jst can't get those two loud heartbeats out of my head. If there was one, could a doppler pick a hb in two places??? This is like Christmas times 1000!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep you posted.


Deb - March 25

I think it's possible, but I have heard the heartbeat could echo. Good luck.



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