Has Anyone Heard Their Unborn Baby Cry

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Jenny - April 5

I asked my doctor this question and he said it is impossible to hear a baby cry in the womb because in order to cry, the baby needs air pa__sing by the vocal chords and there is no air in there.


toes - April 5

Hmm and D, this isn't something I'll be able to resolve based on testimony. I mean, cmon, we ALL know how loopy pregnant women can be :)


D - April 6

Yes! I sure do know how loopy we can be! Decades? more like centuries! I'm truly losing my marbles. I am sure there is an explanation for what CEM is hearing, and I'd love to solve the mystery, but I'm afraid that its just something outside my ability!


Donna - April 6

o0o0o0o sounds spooky but yea ive been told you need air to make noise, but i was thinkin maybe it's a ghost, you said you was standing in the bathroom and the cry sounded muffled as if it was underwater...maybe thats what it was.. who knows


CEM - April 7

hi Donna! yes actually, the ghost thing crossed my mind too because we live in a very old house in Denmark (from 1910) and i think a few people have died here, or at least while they lived here. but the cry sounded like my two boys when they were newborns. but you never know.......


to CEM - April 7

ive actually read somewhere(not sure where but prob somewhere on this forum!) that it is possible to hear your baby cry,not a commom thing to happen though.how true it is i dont know!


X - April 7

To CEM--- whereabouts in Denmark are you? I'm in København Ø.


CEM - April 7

hi X! i'm in balle, just outside of århus, on jylland. i'm not danish though, are you?


X - April 8

Nope. Boyfriend is-- and I'm working here. Asian heritage, grew up in Canada :)).


toes - April 8

X, just out of curiosity, how many languages do you speak?


X - April 8

3 + 2 dialects :). Why do you ask? . o O ( curious...) *lol.


toes - April 8

I was counting the possible languages you may've been exposed to, and it sounded like you've had the opportunity\necessity for more than just the one most folks have. For instance, Canada=English & French, Asian=who knows, and Denmark=Nordic(?). How'd I do?


X - April 8

Hi, toes-- cute name btw :). yes, you're right in all of them :)).


tara - April 8

X - what part of Canada are you from? I'm from Vancouver - Beautiful British Columbia :o)


X - April 8

I agree, totally!! West Van. When I was younger we lived in Nanaimo ( Vancouver Island) :). We had a boatyard there, y'see.


toes - April 8

X, I get lucky every once in a while. Yeah, the names' short for Bigmonkeytoes, and you don't wanna know any more abt that one, lol. I have one friend who was raised here in the states, then married a japanese guy and who also majored in conversational russian in college. I just can't imagine being able to speak not only different langauges, but ones from totally different root languages. heck, I took 2 years of spanish and all I remember is bolsa=purse. The really horrible part of that is I grew up in phoenix, az, and didn't pick up spanish.



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