Has Anyone Heard Their Unborn Baby Cry

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toes - April 8

X, I get lucky every once in a while. Yeah, the names' short for Bigmonkeytoes, and you don't wanna know any more abt that one, lol. I have one friend who was raised here in the states, then married a japanese guy and who also majored in conversational russian in college. I just can't imagine being able to speak not only different langauges, but ones from totally different root languages. heck, I took 2 years of spanish and all I remember is bolsa=purse. The really horrible part of that is I grew up in phoenix, az, and didn't pick up spanish.


X - April 8

Small world it seems. My sister lives in Arizona and doesn't speak Spanish either :))-- well, except for the occasional cussing and all that *lol. Her excuse, she has to reply sometimes haha :p.-


toes - April 8

I gotta admit, swearing in a language other than english just seems to be more dramatic, with the sole exception for the tiny folks from munchkinland. I swear, if I'd been dorothy and glinda'd told me that I coulda gone home ANY BLOODY TIME, ooooooh! At least the wicked witch didn't lie to Dorothy! And I don't wanna hear anything abt it being "character building", every time my dad said that to me I knew my afternoon was killed.


~S~ - April 8

It is absolutly impossible for your baby to cry outload without the presense of air.


Mellissa - April 8

you know, I thought I heard a baby crying outside my window a couple of times late at night, I finally made my husband wake up and see if he could hear it, he opened the window, and he yelled "GET OUTTA HERE!" .....it was two stray cats gettin it on in our bushes, I've never heard a cat sound like that before! maybe thats what you're hearing, do you have any stray cats around you neighborhood?


vanessa - April 8

i dont know but in my experiece i hear my baby that make a funny noise but i was taking a nap but its make me wonder too may be its could be happen because his our body may be im not sure but if its true its so owesome how your baby close to you


CEM - April 9

wow, it is a small world alright! hi tara---good to see you here! and hi X-----i'm from vancouver too, how bizarre. tara and i met each other here and i thought it was so cool she was from BC. but now another one, and in denmark too! it's a small world....i'm also part asian (mixed chinese & caucasian), so you and i have a lot in common! what are you doing in denmark, and have you been here long?


CEM - April 9

hi Mellissa--i know what you mean about the cat thing, we've got tons around here too and they sound like anything but cats! they're getting it on with each other this time of year, it's totally wild. there were 2 in the woods behind my house not too long ago and i thought it was 2 little kids screaming! so i know what you mean. the sound i heard was quite different, but you never know......


X - April 9

Hi, CEM. OMG, wow. Small world indeed! Would be here for 10 years in May though I travelled a lot in the past. Together with my boyfriend the last 7½ years or so.Met him here. I work in an investment bank here in CPH. I'm 37 and 8½ weeks along. And you?


CEM - April 10

hi x.....how are things? if you're 8.5 weeks, you must be feeling pretty c___ppy......maybe not? i'm around 29 weeks now (although the week thing always confuses me--i'm due june 26th anyway...) and have been in denmark coming up on 2 years in may, this time around anyhow. i lived here in '97 for around 2 years as well. my husband is from here and we sort of did the back and forth thing for a while but now that we've got kids we decided to pick one place and make a go of it. is this your first child? what's copenhagen like to live in? we're actually going there on the 11th of may, to pick my mom up from the airport.


X - April 10

Hi again, CEM. Hope all is well with you over there in Jylland :) .I feel fine if I'm at home where I know the bed is just a few steps away and I can do whatever I want :)).. However, my work is so demanding that I can actually feel the stress on my stomach after a day's work. This is my first-- so I'm pretty much paranoid about every little thing *lol. Nah, it isn't so bad except for the occasional nasty trips to the bathroom :(. When I wasn't pregnant, I used to go out a lot with my friends and colleagues bar-hopping and going to theaters and stuff. After awhile though it got boring...same-o same-o :)). Thank God I have a boyfriend who likes hanging out with me so we enjoy each other's company here at home instead.Copenhagen for me is like...a big town-- not a city *lol. Reminds me of the atmosphere in Victoria a bit but only bigger-- with the mentality of someone from either Kamloops or Kelowna *haha, sorry-- i only mean the 'town-mentality' thing. I don't know... I usually go to the US/or home to recharge and remind myself that I am a cosmopolitan, cool and collected woman :). Somehow in cold, dreary DK all who don't have white skin and/or blonde hair are considered 2nd cla__s citizens and are discriminated. Not to generalize though, because I do have DK friends who are very nice ( like the folks back home) and I have wonderful in-laws...If I feel fine around that time (11May), wanna meet up?


CEM - April 10

hi X. i know what you mean about the 2nd cla__s citizen thing, i'm constantly getting rude looks and sometimes comments. especially when i'm out with my 4 year old, who looks extremely danish, blonde/blue eyed and all. it's unbelievable! the funny thing is, i think danes are really nice and warm and open once you get to know them, it's just that they put up this hard front for some strange reason. my hubby and i were at a party last night and there were so many really nice people, i actually commented on how strange it is that they're all so nice, but if one were to meet them on the street it'd probably be completely different. my in-laws are all great too......i'd love to hook up with you on the 11th of may, but i think we might be too busy. we know quite a few people over there who we've already promised some time with, so the day might not be long enough. but it's not a definite----my husband's aunt is coming to watch our kids and we're considering asking her to come earlier so we have more time in cph. so if she can, i'll let you know. that would be fun.....so when was the last time you were home?


CEM - April 13

hi X, it's been a while......you still out there?


Ladybug - April 25

That happened to my mother when she was pregnant with me. She said someone told her that if she did'nt mention anything to anyone that the baby would have a type of gift and if she told, which my mom did she would take the gift away...who knows they could have lied to her.


RALPH - April 25

well do you have a special gift? I mean really, you can't hear your baby cry, I think that it is all in your head.


toni - April 25

My grandmother mentions before about a woman who heard her baby cry also.



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