Has Anyone Seen M

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paula - April 5

why dont you all get out of her a__s, your all obsessed with ~m~ she has a life shes doing her own thing!


D - April 5

Yeah, she posted today under "Is it true that b___bs always change after pregnancy for worse"


iansmommy - April 5

paula maybe if you got laid every once in a while you wouldnt be such a miserable person.


how funny you guys are! - April 6

lol iansmommy,yeah paula go get laid!!


To Paula - April 6

Are you jealous of ~m~ because she's getting so much attention? Are you 3 years old? You should ask your mommy before you go online.


i agree - April 6

I agree with Paula! Lay off ~m~ you women seem to get a little to obsessed with one another its just odd.


To I agree - April 6

If you don't like it F#%K OFF this thread!!!! What's IS your problem?! This sight is for people who want to chat to other pregnant women about their experiences with pregnancy, and if they have an interest in someone, it's not for you to decide if they are obsessive! If ~m~ wants people to lay off, she'll tell them. NOT YOU! Why did you click on this thread if you weren't interested in ~m~? Just to be a B#%CH??? You need to see a shrink!


Foxy - April 6

LOL! Oh my god! Iansmommy, it seemed like a pretty harmless question to me. Can you believe what you've started?! I can't! You people are so vindictive! Haven't you got anything better to do, other than try to make people feel bad?


tara - April 6

Hi ~m~ nice to have you back! Hope you are doing well. I missed you arounf here. :o)


~m~ - April 6

Hey tara! Good to be back! I was starting to get the withdrawal shakes! LOL :o) --- With it being the end of the school year, I find myself staying busier than usual. So if I go missing again, you'll know why. I'm so ready for May!!


tara - April 6

I bet it'll be nice for you to have some time off - just a few more weeks to go! You teach at a college right? My work is all year around but we get some pretty good vacation time most of which I'm saving for just before my mat. leave which will give me more time off at home :o)


~m~ - April 6

I teach in a high school. However, I am starting grad school this summer, and I plan to get some college certification. Maybe community college type stuff. I'm not interested in the full b__wn college thing.... night cla__ses, saturdays, summer cla__ses, etc. The pay is a lot less in high school, but I also think it is less stress. Although, I believe by the time they get to college, the biggest b___tholes are weeded out! LOL



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