Has Anyone Started Maternity And Baby Shopping

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Lisa - September 21

I've been looking a lot at e-bay and have won some pretty nice maternity clothing as well as some baby blankets/diaper bag and now a Infant Car Seat from Peg Perego for a really great price.


Becky - September 21

I have gotten some outfits from Ebay, too. I also just ordered a bunch from Old Navy (normal-looking clothes, unlike what most stores carry). It is so hard to find things that look normal and aren't tents, for those of us who are just starting to show. We've also gotten 2 diaper bags because we don't trust other people's taste when it comes to that.


Michelle - September 22

I am all about E-Bay!!! I am a freak about it. I got clothes for the baby and got me some too. E-Bay rocks!!!!


Jessica - September 22

how far along are you ladies? I am in my 14 week and I am wondering if that is to early.


Becky - September 22

I am just 14 weeks, and I started looking on Ebay shortly after we found out, so about 7 or 8 weeks ago. Since I don't know how I will grow, I am only buying safe items......long-sleeve shirts because being due in March, I will need the fall/winter/early spring items. I got a couple pairs of pants, too, but I won't be able to wear them for a couple months yet, so for now, it's safety pins instead of b___tons. Now I am needing some short-sleeve shirts (since it is still quite warm out) that aren't so obvious, so that is my new mission. The Old Navy stuff seems like it will work. We've only bought the 2 diaper bags for the baby (one large and one small); no clothes yet. There's plenty of time for that, we'll get a ton from showers, and I could go nuts buying stuff! Plus it's difficult to find unis_x things that aren't all green or yellow, so we won't be able to get too much before they're born. Happy shopping!!


Becky - September 22

Im not pregnant yet but I have been buying maternity clothes for the past couple of months now lol. We live in Hawaii so Im trying to buy plenty of shorts and capris and sleeveless tops.


kellie - September 22

I am so addicted to eBay shopping that I opened up my own eBay store selling upscale baby products!!! This way, if I buy too much for the baby, I can just sell it to someone else!!!


Tiffany - September 22

Well i noticed that alot of you were shopping on Ebay so i decided to check it out. WOW. That is where i am going to be shopping when i find out what i am having. Thanks Everyone!


YC - September 22

Hi ladies, yeah, thanks for the ebay tip Just checked is out. I am 28 weeks so I have maternity clothes but I havent bought anythig for the baby yet. My family is really well I guess you can call it supersitious. There are all these rules to when you can buy things. Becky I thought your post was hillarious about the diaper bags. I decided not to register for one and will just buy my own...I dont trust anyone else's taste either ha!ha!



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