Has Anyone Tried To Get A Job While Pregnant

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Meg - May 3

My boyfriend and I have been planning on moving this summer for a year now. Now we are unexpectedly expecting and I'll be 16 weeks at the beginning of July. Will anyone hire me if I'm four months pregnant? Do I have to tell or can I just pretend I'm kind of fat? ; ) The only other idea I had was I can leave my job on paid maternity leave two months before I'm due (Dec) and move without a job but then I'll only have 10 months paid leave after the baby is born and that's kind of a gyp. **HEY** One more question, I live in Canada and we have employment insurance that pays a one year maternity/parental leave as long as you've worked for however many hours before taking the leave. Does the U.S. have that? Also, do you really have to pay to go to the hospital and have a baby if you don't have insurance? Thanks for any insight/info.


April - May 3

In the US they can't not hire you because you're pregnant (that's discriminattion) but that doesn't mean that they will hire you. Were you planning on moving to the US? because even if you don't have a job, you can get medicaid and that will pay for your hospital visits. I've been unemployed since November (conception date Oct. 24) and medicaid pays for everything. I also get WIC which pays for some of my food. So there are programs down here that will help you out. As for the job thing... that's a tough situation. At 4 months I don't see why they wouldn't hire you because you'll still have 3-4 months of work left before maternity leave.. now me... i'm 7 months... i doubt anyone would hire me.


Amy - May 3

Hi Meg- I know where you are coming from. I had a job interview today. I got the job, but didn't tell them that I was pregnant. I need the money so I don't feel that bad about it. I am 17 weeks and wont be due til October. I dont look that pregnant, just chunky. So the lady that hired me probably had no idea that Im expecting. Maybe a little dishonest, but just because Im pregnant doesn't mean I can't do a great job. Now if they fire me, it will be discrimination. Because I intend on doing the work very well. I start tomorrow. Good luck


Meg - May 4

Thanks for your answers. I live in Manitoba and am just moving to a different province. I was just curious about the U.S. stuff. Anyways, I have to go to work now even though I'm insanely exhausted and just want to sleep all day : )


Erin - May 5

I live in Ontario. I tried to get a job at 14 weeks, and told the employer that I was pregnant. I am in a specfic field and did not want to be blacklisted because I lied. If you are looking for something for the interm, and is not what you plan to do after your mat leave, then maybe it is not such a big deal. Just me, but I felty guilty about lying.


Annonomous - June 9

I was is college and my second semester of school i conceived. I cant leave in the dorms, the father isnt around i have no place to stay and i am 11weeks i need a job and quick!!!!!


kmr - June 10

Wow! You get a whole year of paid maternity leave? In the U.S. you are lucky if you get 6 weeks. Most people I know get no pay at all.


MEG - June 10

I started a company at about 3 months pregnant. I knew I was preg, but I of course didn't mention it. I was so nervous to break the news. I felt that if I told them in the beginning they wouldn't of hired me. Even though that is discrimination many employers use other excuses. Well I had a dr appointment so I had to tell my boss I had to leave early for dr's. To make a long story short I acted like I happened to find out at that appointment. I told my boss the next day and she was very understanding. All the girls here are excited for me and love it. I was just so scared that they were going to know I was hiding it and look at me and judge me wrong. It was such a nerve wrecking experience, but it ended up all good in the long wrong. The only thing that sucks is that they don't offer paid maternity leave so I have to get disability which pays c___p for 6 weeks. Oh well,life's a b___h


To Meg - June 10

I live in Alberta and I'm 11 weeks preg. To get the 52 wks paid mat leave, you have to have 52 consecutive wks at your employer or a min of 600 hours of insurable work. You can't have a lapse in work at all. So if you do get another job in a diff prov. make sure you start the new one the very next day! EI is very sticky on that point! (I know, I'm in HR).


KellyB - June 10

Meg: I am 32 weeks prego and starting a new job on Monday!!! I started the interview process with this company back in April when I was only 24 weeks. It was a company in my town, and a great career opportunity. So my commute will go from 1 hour 10 min to 10 min total! I didn't tell them I was pregnant until my 3rd interview when she asked if I had any upcoming vacations planned. I was still offered the job! I start Monday and my due date is Aug 7th. I am going to cut my maternity leave shorter than I originally planned and they are willing to work with me. They are hiring for the long term so my being out in the near future was just a risk they took to have me in the long run! I did sent out resumes and interview with other companies earlier in my pregnancy and never let on I was pregnant. PS I am a HR Manager, so fully aware of the laws which helps. It's a game really. you want to be honest but don't want to be discriminated against. And although they tell you it won't affect their decision, the discrimination still exists. If it is the right job for you, it will align itself, like mine. I still have to pinch myself about it!



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