Has This Ever Happened To You

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guest - June 19

Ok. I don't need answers just looking to see if anyone else has had the same thing as me right now. and hopefully someone has had this happen and can tell me what it is. Ok.. So AF was a day late and a little lighter than usual and didn't last as long. I usually have 3 heavy days and 2 spoting days. Anywhoo Af is lighter than usual. yesterday I spotted and today I have nothing at all. Well the only thing is I am having tons of watery cm. I mean lots like feels like af oozing(sorry graphic) and yet there is not even a trace of pink in it. Has this happened to anyone? tons of watery cm during/after AF? I hope someone has because this is just weird. thanks to any that reply ? I also asked on the SOP board, I am just tyring to find people that this has maybe happened to


guest - June 20

Ok. Guess i'm just weird than since i'm the only one this is happening to.hehe


smskam - June 20

well i am having just weird scanty flows since march..but they are red and mucusy.. but they r not like my usual 5 days flow nor is it all blood.. it is watery mucusy with red/dark brown red.. so ur no all alone..good luck


tndrlvn - June 20

Hi Guest, I had one wipe with light blood the day my period was due, next four days, nothing.........so i took a test..........adn i am now 4 MONTHS HEHEHEHEHE....good luck


Me. - June 20

thanks ladies. I took a test today and bfn, yet I filled a pantyliner with watery cm so I don't know what is going on with the old body.. Could I possibly be Ovulating this early? like 3 days after AF? I dunno things are just wacky for me right now. Thanks tho for the responds


aggie03 - June 20

I had similar cm right before I found out I was pg. it was grooooooooss! How many days did af last? I would wait and test again. Do you have any other symptoms?


Me - June 20

It lasted really only 2 days. the Third day just kinda spot here and there and nothing the last 2 days.. usually 3 days heavy and 2 days spoting.. but never CM like this! Not really any other signs actually thats why I am confused


smskam - June 20

well i have been having the same problem and werid symptoms but have not tested positive so far. and this is the fourth month that i got a watery mucusy flow ..u should talk to ur doc.. mine said all was neg.. including hormones, infections and preg.so i can't do much..good luck..



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