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Nicole - September 1

Like 3 days after ovulation I had cramps on the right side only, now i've been having cramps like 4 days prior when my period is due. I have never felt like this in the past. I should mention that me and my husband are trying to get pregnant and we did have s_x several times before, during and after ovulation. I'm waiting to be late to take a test, but I just want to know is this a symptom of pregnancy or has this happened to someone? Please answer we are desperate!!! Thanks!


Danielle - September 1

Hi, I am now 11 wks pregnant, and in the beginning, around 5 weeks, I got real bad cramps, they would only last about 10-15 seconds, but they were almost like menstrual cramps, except a little sharper. So, it could be that your period is coming, or it could be that you are pregnant and your uterus is stretching and this is what you are feeling. You should definitely take the test soon, at this point, its anyone's bet. Hope all goes well!!


kf - September 1

When I was due to get my prd.. the week before and the week I was due I got severe sharp menstrual cramps. Which is unusual for me, Also I got cramps after orgasm. This is all normal and a symptom of pregnancy


Melissa - September 1

Cramps on one side could mean you have a cyst on the ovary that ovulated, ( this is very normal but some women's pregnancy cyst do not go away as quickly) this can cause some cramping and sharp pains. Also, if it persists, worse case senerio is a tubal pregnancy. But, I am NOT saying this is what it is just a possibility if you do test positive for pregnancy and you continue to have sharp pains and/or cramping on only one side. Early pregnancy can cause cramping in general, sometimes there is no explaination. So, test ASAP and just relax. If you have major cramping, the kind that you can't deal with see a doctor right away. Sounds like you have a good chance of being pregnant. Good Luck!


Nicole - September 1

Thanks for all your answers, they helped a lot!



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