Has Your Water Broken In Public

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Ti - March 31

Has anyone had their water break while at work or in public, or know anyone who has had it happen? I know it is possible, but want to hear your story if it has happened to you or anyone you know.... I guess I'm a little paranoid:)


Coco - March 31

Yep, it did to me. I was out doing some shopping in the market with my girls and i wanted so badly to pee, so i was looking for some public toilet and finally found one so went. A few minutes after that i felt something down there and it then begun to flow , like a river, i told my friends " my waters just broke " and replied " no, u probably went in ur pants because u couldn't hold it anymore ! " , i said noway , i di have a pee already , it s my wates! I went in a public bar to sit down as i couldn't stand , cos i was jut dripping myself . So i went there, called my hubby and waited for him. When i got up the chair was soaked, ( the bar owner must have cursed me when i left ! LOL ) . I was rushed to the ER , and gave birth 2 days later to the tiniest baby ever as i was only 31 weeks.He is now a big strong 4 yo boy ! Good luck 2 u if ur ttc or congrats if ur already pregnant !


scorpigrl - March 31

YES!!! Ti - my water broke at work right before I was getting ready to go to one of my prenatal appts. It was a week before my due date. It was scary then but now it's funny. I was walking out of our kitchen getting a lunch -our office had a function and we had some food left over. So midway down the hall going back to my office to get my purse and leave I felt like I had to pee so I pa__s my office and go to the restroom use it then began to walk out and again I feel like I had to pee - this time was started to tinkle down my legs so I turn around and use the bathroom again. I start to pull down my skirt and I feel it again so this time I open the bathroom door and yell out I think my water have broke. I had no pain or nothing. Lucky enough my girlfriend was in my office (she was taking me to my appt.) and heard so she ran over and called one of my other co-worker and then my supervisor came running down the hall and they was like go - go -go we'll straighten up your office and do you know I left my lunch.. (A pregnant woman left want to leave food). Lucky enough my doctors office was like 3 blocks down the road from my job. I went in to the office and told them I had a 3'oclock appt. and I think my water had broke. Girl the back of my skirt was soooo soak - from sitting in the car. They took me on back and the midwife check me and she was like yep - it's broke. So she called the hospital and told them I was coming and to go ahead and admit me. The whole time I was acting normal but I was sooo scared. I didn't have any pain. I still work for the same company and we still reminesce on that day..



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