Has Zofran Worked For You I Need Some Input Please

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~m~ - November 1

I have seen many women on here say that Zofran relieved their nausea and vomiting. I have tried it and it just hasn't worked for me. So I was wondering if I could get some info from those of you who found comfort through this medicine. How often do you take it? What time of day... morning, noon, night???? Do you take 12.5 mg, 25 mg, other dosage? I'm thinking if I'm the only one not getting positive results, maybe I'm doing something wrong. Thanks ladies!!


Mary - November 1

hey m! Zofran was a lifesaver for me. I took 25 mg first thing in the morning before even moving my head of the pillow. waited 20 minutes before moving at all. I used a baby cup to drink the water while laying down. I had horrible ms to the point I lost several pounds by barfing all over the place. However, I must say that I heard this medicine does not work for everyone. My thoughts are with you and I hope the med kicks in good and strong for you.


maddie - November 1

I am taking 4 mg and it seems to be working so far. I take it first thing in the morning and then at lunch time. I can take it at night but I seem to be ok by then. I still am qqueasy, just not vomiting. I also suck on ginger drops and wear sea bands. The combination seems to be working. Good luck.


Holly - November 1

I have only been sick once since I got pregnant (Im very lucky) but when I did I was almost admitted to the hospital. My doc tried Zofran and it just went away! I havent taken it since but if I do get sick I know what to take! It worked wonderfully. Maybe you should try supositories to help.


Lyndsey - November 1

Hey there!...Zofran was my best friend for the first 4 months for me!! im 23 wks pregnant right now and no longer taking it but I was taking 25mg in the morning as soon as I woke up cuz if i didnt I was puking all over the place...I lost a lot of weight and I couldnt hold anything down without it!!! I hope you find something to help you, I know how bad it is. I thought I was going to die!!...Good luck to you!!!



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