Hateful Thing Said

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Upset - September 17

Last night I was in a very fowl mood (I'm 11 weeks), and my boyfriend was being an ass. Our spat escalated and he shouted out that he knew I got "pregnant on purpose". I did not and the comment stung. I was furious and upset by it. I said if that's the case I can do something about it. This morning he said he says things when he's mad and apologized. I'm thinking it was unforgivable. All along he has been supportive and claiming how happy he is about the baby. I know it was a comment said in anger aimed at me, but now I feel like I hate him and that I can't trust anything he says about how he's feeling. I don't have many girlfriends here in the city to talk to and the ones I do have are out all the time. I'd really appreciate any comments. (I'm 35 and he's 42, if you can believe it).


Kristin - September 17

My husband and I have fought a few times already during my pregnancy - 22 weeks. Usually the next day we are sorry and even thought I am moody because of the pregnancy, he reminds me that he is scared too. I often forget that and feel like nothing phases him because he is not the one pregnant. I would forgive him if he is truly sorry by what he said. He may be scared and talking out of term.


louise - September 17

Remember men are not like us women, they dont wear there heart on there sleeves, he is happy about the baby, just because he says one thing does not mean he hates the baby and hes changed his mind, when me and my partner used to fight i used to be really spiteful and tell him i ws having an affair, foolish and unforgivable i know, but i just wanted to shut him up and upset him, dont worry about it, its not something to lose a relationship over, if he had an affair then fair enough but he said one stupid thing, my man says several everyday,


kEEKEE - September 17

Don't worry upset!! Men get pregnancy like hormone also....lol... Don't take his words to heart. He loves you and you love him. Congrats on your pregnancy


tiffani~45 days to go!! - September 17

He sounds like he has the same disease my husband does, it's called "foot in mouth syndrome" and sadly there is no cure. Men don't always think before they speak do they? I think that if he knew how upset you would be over his insensitive comment, he would never have made it. Unfortunately, he did, and he can't take it back. I can totally see where you're coming from though. How will you know when his coments are sincere or when they are just lip service? I guess in all honesty, there is no way of knowing. Hopefully his future actions will speak louder than his hastily spoken words. :o)



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