Have Any Of The September Moms 2 B Had Theirs Babies

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Lissi - September 8

Just wondering? I'm 3 days overdue now, and getting very impatient! How about the rest of you? Grumpy? S? I know there were others, but I can't remember with my seive-like preggo brain! Sorry! How is everyone doing?


Bump - September 9



~E~ - September 9

I am due Sept. 12...3 days from now....still pregnant. I was feeling impatient a couple weeks ago...because of painful practice contractions....but now they have eased up and I am not as impatient. Feeling very tired very easily....


S - September 9

NOPE!!! I do have 5 days left till due date though. I wish she would come on.....I am so ready to get her out of my body!!!!!! Lissi I know you are getting impatient!!! I was sure hoping mine would come a few days early. I don't know what I will do if it turns out she will be late!!!!


Karen - September 10

As yoy know Lissi I have my little bundle of joy. I know how you feel. Advise to all ENJOY ypu nights while it last. I think since I had him 2 weeks ago I have slept a total of maybe 8 hours ( and that is by far a strech) The other night he had me up from 10 pm to 6 am and choose to go to sleep at 6 am. I try to sleep when he sleeps, but then I have to pump milk for which my b___bs are not alwayds coporating. He has had problems latching on to the b___st because of him coming so early. The other night I fell asleep feeding him. All the best and ENJOY you time now !!!!!


Liz - September 10

yes, i was due Sept 4 and i ended up having my son on august 24. I was sick of being pregnant then so i can't even imagine how you must feel. don't worry he will be soon. good luck with everything!!


Eryn - September 10

I just got home from the hospital with my little girl!! I was Due September 15th and she was born on the 8th. I know its hard to wait but it all happens so fast once it does happen. Before you know it, it will be all over with. I miss being pregnant already. Good Luck to you all.


kEEKEE - September 10

Congrats Liz, Karen, and Eryn!!! Enjoy your little ones!!!


Jbear - September 11

I was due Sept 5. I had my daughter on Aug 17. She's healthy and I'm just about recovered from the c-section. I had my tubes tied, and I am so glad I never have to worry about being pregnant again!


Lissi - September 11

Congrats to Karen, Liz, Eryn, Jbear and all those who've made it to the end! I'm so envious! Eryn, you miss being pregnant????!!!!!! Do babies wipe your memory THAT quickly?! Karen, do you miss being pregnant yet? Lol! I guess the one advantage I have is my baby will be that much further along and shouldn't have the latching on problem. I hope not, because all that pumping sounds like hard work. I bet you're loving every minute of it though, despite the lack of sleep! :) I'm now 6 days overdue and counting.


Karen - September 11

Surprising I do miss being pregnant. I miss feeling him inside me and moving all around. I miss being able to go anywhere cause he was safe inside me. HOWEVER on the other hand I do not miss the heartburn, bathroom trips etc. I do love having my baby boy, I stare at him all the time and cry endlessly sometimes. The pumping of milk was hard at first but now I feel like a regualar COW. I have all the credentials (SP). 1 I am fat ( So far I have lost 20 pounds off my 173 frame. 2 I now have lots of milk coming from both b___st which are HUGH HUGH. Cant even discribe them. Poor little fella cant manage them. 3. Sometimes I still wobble. I cant wait to start exercising again. Doc gave me two weeks


Lissi - 7 days overdue! - September 12

I can't wait to lose weight and exercise again either. I've put on a staggering 49 pounds! It's partly my own fault though, because I've been eating all the wrong things, excessively. No wonder my stretch marks hurt! I'm still kind of in denial that I will be a mom by the end of the week. It seems so unreal!


~E~ - September 12

I am due today... I had some spotting early this morning... the nurse on the phone said it is the bloody show. This is my first one, so I am waiting to see what progress happens today.


Lissi - September 12

How exciting! I haven't even had a show yet. No practice contractions, nothing! Looks like you'll be next ~E~. Good luck!


Karen - September 12

Lissi looks like you have a strong will little one. many prayers to u and E. Right now my little man is doing # 2 and falling asleep


S - September 12

Lissi I agree with Karen....Your little one is strong and stubborn!!! lol....just like mine.....and E Yours should be here any minute too!!!! WOW!!! I know you guys are soooo ready! Can you guys tell me what is Bloody show?


Lissi - September 12

She's strong alright! Don't think my ribs can take much more of a beating! :) S, a bloody show is when your mucus plug comes away, but it's not always bloody (so I'm told). It's a good sign that things are progressing.



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