Having Sex With Placenta Previa Help

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m - January 23

I am almost 21 weeks, and I have complete placenta previa. My doctor told me no heavy housework, no lifting, nothing strenuous, and no s_x. Ok, the no s_x part is KILLING me!! I'm going out of my mind worse than hubby even!! I have been reading and reading, and most of what I read says that doctors usually wait until about 28 weeks to put women off of s_x. I was just wondering about others with PP. When did your doc put you off of s_x? And what happens if s_x occurs? Is it just a little bleeding, or is there some big risk involved? I know my judgement is clouded by s_xual frustration here, but I'd just like to hear from real women rather than website after website! I NEED SEX.... GRRRRR!! Thanks!!


snickelfritz - January 23

There's a pretty big risk... it could cause the placenta to separate from the uterus. I was told no s_x at 15 weeks due to a low-lying placenta. OB said that it would probably resolve by my 23 week u/s and then the ban would be lifted. At 23 weeks, it had lowered to a marginal/partial previa. So, I had to wait until my 31 week u/s. But, at 28 weeks I was hospitalized with preterm contractions. So, even though it resolved by my 31 week u/s, I was put on s_x restriction for my preterm labor risk, so I was without it from week 15 of pg until it was allowed after I gave birth! It's very hard. Just remember, you're giving it up for a very good reason! Good luck!


Rhonda - January 23

M, hi I know it has to be hard on you,not being able to have s_x,but like snickelfritz said.It's for a good cause b/c with pp having intercourse can cause you to bleed,which could result in preterm labor,like i said i know it has to be hard but hang in there.You never know,your placenta may still end up moving up out of the way.I hope things go good for you.


snickelfritz - January 24

PP is definitely something that will occupy your mind frequently! I'm hoping your pp clears up by your next u/s!!


m - January 24

Thanks ladies! :o) Even though we are all anonymous, it feels good to have this support! Since this frustration started, I have had lots of "dreams", so at least I'm getting it that way!! LOL


olancoz - February 3

Well "M", I am definately the queen of frustration!! I am 26 weeks preg. with complete placenta previa. I know your feelings exactly. I feel bad because i've even slipped up a few times. Hey im just keeping it real!! It's soooooo hard for me because my hormones are RAGING!!! Hell i was like this before i was pregnant though so just telling me to stop all of a sudden is like telling me to stop eating. LOL. IM WEAK!!! No but seriously maybe we can encourage each other cuz lawd knows i need it!!!!


m - February 3

Hello olancoz! So far, I haven't slipped up. But trust me, it's only because I have a strong hubby. One night, I had a SEVERE moment of weakness, and I told him I didn't think it would hurt anything just to do it once. Yes, I had the "hot-and-bothered" syndrome. But he was the voice of reason and told me he just didn't want to take the chance, and he talked about how the doctor told us not to, etc. etc. At the time, I was like GRRRRRR!! But I guess he was right. Poor guy, laying there with ma__sive wood, but finding the strength to do what's best. So I gave him a thank you BJ! LOL I don't guess there's any reason for us both to be frustrated. heehee. Thanks for your comment. It makes me feel better to know there are others who know what it's like. Best of luck!! We still have a ways to go! Then it's time to knock the dust off the toys, landscape the lady parts, and go to town!!


oz - February 4

i dont know much about pp but surely you can have oral s_x and pleasure each other in other ways. I know its not the same but at least you could still both have an orgasm and go to sleep happy :)


Bridget - February 5

M, I had full PP at 20 weeks and it had moved by 27 weeks, so make sure you get an ultrasound around then and if it improves then you can go back to "fun in the bedroom". My hubby wouldn't even let me drive my 4X4 pick-up till the Dr. gave the ok, LOL. Good luck


Peanut - February 5

dont do it! I had s_x around week 24 cos i was soooo craving it, i had been on strict bed rest and no strenuous activities at about 19 weeks. I ended up in hospital cos i was bleeding that much, and was woken up at 3.30am and told i was havin and emergancy c-section! My midwife said if it had waited even 10 more minute myself and my baby mit enot have made it! My baby was born VERY prem and very sick, my placenta was holding on by only a couple of membranes and was almost bled dry, the blood was on my babys lungs, he was in hospital for awhile but is now a happy little giggle pot, even though he has a bad heart condidition and alot of congestion that he has not been able to shake since birth! :( good luck


m - February 6

Oz, I had an appt. last week and I asked the dr. if I could at least orgasm, and she said no because that will cause cramps, which could in turn cause bleeding. Boo Hoo! Not the news I was hoping for!! But at least I can put hubby to sleep happy! LOL Bridget, my u/s is scheduled for 30 weeks. I sure hope things have changed by then!! Peanut, I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. Had you spotted or cramped before that? Or was that the first time for anything like that? And did you have complete, partial, or marginal? I'm glad your baby is a happy little giggle pot now! And I'm glad you both made it through that ordeal. Thanks for sharing your story!


Angelaw. - February 6

Hi m, I was just diagnosed with placenta previa at my last visit. I am only 14 weeks along and the doctor seems optomistic that as my uterus grows, the placenta will move with it. I was put off s_x until at least our next visit (march 1st) I never even thought about asking about having an orgasm. I haven't had any cramps from it since about week 10-11, so I wonder if it would be ok. I am a shy person, so I can't imagine calling some nurse in the office and asking them!


jh - February 6

I was diagnosed with partial at 19 weeks. We started getting heavily into the "anything, but" s_x and on week 27 I went into preterm. I have been on bedrest for three weeks now. I am so thankful ya'll are facing the same frustrations. After this last scare, my husband won't touch me. I catch him looking at p___no on the internet without giving me any option to do anything. I feel such a sense of loss of ident_ty since being on bedrest. Now I don't even get to be the wife I used to be.


Peanut - February 7

i had alot of cramping and spotting from 14 weeks onwards and was told at 14 weeks that it was partial, got told it was complete at 19weeks and put on bed rest. got told again at 23 weeks it was partial. but then 24 weeks was when i had s_x. was so not worth it and i feel guilty but luckily my baby survived. it was such a throw around pregnancy. at 24 weeks when that happend i went to a different hospital and luckily they were alot more professional and knew what was going on. good luck.


m - February 7

Hi Angelaw. I know what you mean, I am shy when it comes to asking the doctor embara__sing questions. But I just put on my red face, and asked. She was really professional about it and made me feel comfortable with asking. jh, you sound so much like me. I feel that loss of ident_ty, too. And I hate that I can't be the wife I want to be. But an understanding husband makes a world of difference! I am so proud to have a good man by my side. It sounds like you have one, also! Peanut, thanks for sharing. Again, I am so happy you had a good outcome to a very difficult situation! I went home and told my hubby about your story. It's funny how a stranger's story can make such a difference! Your story really opened my eyes. Thanks again!


Stem - November 29

I was put on the no s_x restriction at 8 weeks. The placenta previa has almost gone all the way away, and at 15 weeks I'm off the restrictions. Some woman can't have s_x the whole time they are pregnant because placenta previa won't go away, but in most cases it will go away on it's own. You just have to be patient and listen to the doctors orders.


celineyb1996 - June 23

im only 16 weeks and ive already been put off s_x but everyone is different, depends on how low your placenta is , if the doctor says so then i believe u should not have s_x.the bleeding depends on your body but it doesnt matter how light or heavy the bleeding is it is dangerous for yourself and bubs



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