Having Some Fun Best Experiences During Pregnancy

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Leigh - October 14

Okay, so we've had some very interesting conversations going on lately. A lot of heated emotions! Let's try to relax and think about the wonderful changes we're all going through. What has everyone's favorite pregnancy experience been? What's a memory you hope to keep forever?


Charity - October 14

This is my first pregnancy and I have been put through a lot. The one thing I will always remember is when I first felt my baby girl kick. Even though I had been through so much even when crying and she would kick it brought the biggest smile to my face.


A - October 14

The first kick was just amazing. You're just sitting there, and suddenly, a small movement...you know that is your child!


Lisa - October 14

I've been having a really great experience with being pregnant; I have not been sick at all, just the sniffles and sneezing. My best experiences are when I go for my monthly ultrasounds and I get to see my little baby girl and her heart beating. Looking at the ultrasound pictures of her litte hands and feet, so sweet. But my ultimate was feeling her move for the first time. It was like the world stopped and I just sat there enjoying it; it was my best moment. I can't wait for my husband to feel the same thing.


jb - October 14

I have had a really good pregnancy so far too. My favorite parts have to be feeling the baby move, seeing the little one on the ultrasound, and having everyone call me "cute" even though I am gaining weight.


Rachel.R - October 14

Iv had a really good pregnancy too.. no sickness, only indigestion. I love it when my baby kicks.. i can see my belly move, its so exciting. I love shopping for her too.. all the little pink things, its so fun, and exciting.. the only downside, is i have to wait another 13 weeks til i can see her. bummer.



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