Having Your Period While Being Pregnant

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pami21 - January 19

Is it possible to have your period while being pregnant? i have all of the pregnancy signs for the last 2 months, and my periods have been messed up. Oct. i spotted for 3days then started and lasted for 4days, Nov i started 3days early and it lasted for 3days, then last month i started 2days early and it lasted for 5days. usually i start on my 27-29th day and now i start on my 24-25th day and i always have it for about 6-8days and now i dont. whats going on!?!?!


KelyFranz - January 19

You definitely need to go to a Dr. and have him check you out.


carol6457 - January 19

Havent had a period in 2 years and took a test just because i didnt feel right found out sat i was preg then started bleeding sun night went to hospital and they said my hcg was 245 went to doctor tuesday and it was 645 but im still not far enough along for it to even pick up on a v____al ultrasound told my doctor about the bleeding and this was not spotting either but she doesnt seem concerned as long as my hcg level continues to increase i think im confused?


pami21 - January 24

in between the time above i have taken 2 p.tests and they both have come back neg. should i maybe take another one?


smskam - January 25

hey pami21, just thought i should let u know that i have been researching this info too.. but 99% of the websites say u cannot have periods. But I have seen many ladies on different forums mention that they have had periods once or twice or in some cases more than that when pregnant. But just last night i saw an article on mediicinenet.com on planning pregnancy and it said there, that some women have their periods even after being pregnant and so do not realise that they are pregnnat for long. it was just one sentence and this article was written and edited by doctors.. so it has to be true right?? But I don't get it ...why most others continue to say "u just cannot have periods... u may have spotting or light bleeding but not periods" when so many ladies are saying they did... atleast they should mention that in rare cases or in a small percentage it is a possibility!! but for now i guess the best bet is to get urself tested...


krc - January 25

also though alot of women ( though there are exceptions ) dont really have a normal period after becoming pregnant. They might bleed lightly for a 2-3 days or spot and think that is a period. You can bleed for reasons other than having your period while pregnant. Alot of women get this confused with implantation bleeding which happens around the time you would normally have your period if you conceived in the middle of your cycle.


pami21 - January 31

thnaks guys, but whenever i do have my periods there are heavy, so i dont think it could implantation bleeding. Ive done researching this topic too and Ive learned that you can have your period up to 4months of pregnancy. and my periods are definitely not normal!!


cd3 - February 8

read mine in signs of pregnancy forum under 12 weeks and shocked you sound very similar to me


pami21 - February 8

i read your entry cd3!! thats sounds alot like me. i was suppose to start feb2-4, and i was 4days late. i started on the 6th and its heavy, but not like it use to be. whats going on!?!


cd3 - February 9

just hang on in there i thought i was having periods and i did'nt want people to think i was insane by going round saying i think i'm preg but having periods i put it all down to pms my symptoms got worse and my 3rd period did'nt arrive so i went out and bought the most expensive preg test in the pharmacy one thing if you know your body you'll know something is up i did just kept quiet about it


krc - February 9

I have a friend who swears she had her actual period for 4 months while pregnant. But she found out when she was about 8 + weeks alongs from going to the doctor for something else and they did a rountine blood test and thats how she found out.


jb - February 9

I also know someone who kept getting her period and ended up being pg. She was 4 months along before it was confirmed. (why she waited that long to find out if she was pg......I have no idea).


pami21 - February 10

ok, i was only heavy the first two days and now its like im not even on it. when it was normal i would bleed very heavy the whole time. i dont know what to do. its like i dont have in my head that i am pregnant, but somethings going on and ive had symptoms for the last 4 months, but my stomach doesnt look bigger. im trying just to think that my body is going through some kind of weird change.


griftk - July 20

You cannot have a cycle of menustration and be pregnant at the same time.. the human body simply does not allow it. Often times bleeding can occur through hormonal changes or if the baby is attached to the wall of the uterus a woman will experience the secretion of a blood like substance. Because of this spotting women often confuse this with their period because it coincendently falls around the time of their period. But once again menstration and pregnancy cannot occur at the same time. You cannot ovulate and be pregnant... ovulation is what happens before a menstration cycle, and it simply doesnt happen.


pa__sionbound21 - July 26

well I had a small period that was 1 day long and about 1 1/2 late. I have all the signs of pregnancy too but No test is saying that I am yet.


kchead - September 7

I have been having all signs of being pregnant. Morning sickness, feeling more tired than normal and I was late. I have taking many pregnancy test but only one has come up as positive. The problem is I was almost two weeks late and I started my period. But my period is very late and has only lasted about 2 days. What should I do?


Grandpa Viv - September 7

In-pregnancy bleeds are not uncommon. Keep your fingers crossed and test again next weekend, being sure to use first morning pee. GL!



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