Havnt Felt Baby Move

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mcbanes_angel - June 16

i dont think my baby has moved yet. im 19 weeks and will have my ultrasound next week. i thought i felt somthing yesterday, but i dont know if it was my tummy rumbling, or the baby. my husband laid his head on my tummy and listened and said he heard sloshing noises. is that possibly our baby?


Patti - June 16

Try not to worry. With my first pregnancy I didn't feel the baby move until I was 20 weeks. And even then I was lying on my tummy at the time. The rumbling feeling you describe could very well be the baby. Sometimes it's described as a "flutter." The sloshing noises, I don't think is the baby. At least I've never heard of it before. Most tummies make that sound normally. Again, try not to worry too much. I know it's easier said than done. Soon you'll be feeling more movement than you could imagine! Hang in there and best of luck!


KLT - June 16

I'm at 22 weeks and only just started feeling something...what it is, I don't know. I'm still anxiously awaiting the obvious kick or punch but don't feel like i've gotten that yet..just popping bubbles it feels like. I got one of those doppler type things from Target and you can put the headphones on to listen to the baby moving around. I definitely hear alot of things going on in there..kicking, moving, even the tummy rumbling. Its about $19.... But I agree with Patti, don't worry...in due time! : )


mcbanes_angel - June 18

thanks to both of you. my mother-in-law bought somthing from walmart that you can hear the baby's heart and record mommys heart for when the baby is born to sooth her. wet havnt tried it yet, hopefully we'll hear somthing soon.


sophandbob - June 18

Many women don't feel the baby move til at least 20 weeks. Especially if it is the first pregnany as you don't know what you are feeling out for. This is a sticking point for me to. I panic when I can't feel the baby move for a while but it has different sleeping patterns and can get into positions which make it difficult to feel. But I struggle listening to this too and immediately think something could be up, so i know how you feel. One word of wanring tho. I contemplated getting a herat monitor too, until someone pointed out that they ar eno where near as good as the ones in the dr's office and someties you can get worked up if you can't hear the baby.The midwife asked me to imagine how I would feel if I couldn't hear the heartbeat - how stressed I would get. She explained that soemtimes they have trouble picking it up because of the baby's position, so maybe have this in mind when using yours.


KLT - June 19

mcbanes_angel: I don't know if the thing you got from Walmart is the same as what I got from Target...but hear something everytime...I still haven't heard the heartbeat yet though..but definitely hear movement, kicking, even my own stomach gargling and my heartbeat. Just hearing SOME kind of noise go on in there gives me piece of mind, since I wasn't feeling anything obvious. BUT...this weekend I finally did feel kicking, although it doesn't happen every day. Definitely what the doctor has is better, like sophandbob said though. If you have the same little machine I have though, I have found the best place to hear kicking is your lower right side of your belly b___ton.. then as time goes on, you should be able to hear movement in other spots as well. : )


Lynne - June 19

I didn't feel movement until around 21 weeks.



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