Hayden A Girls Name

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jb - April 22

My husband and I are pregnant with twins and at this point do not know what we are having. We both really like Hayden Jennifer if we have a little girl. It doesn't seem to be going over well with the family. Does anyone else think this name is cute?


tiffani~ edd 11/07/05 - April 22

I love the name, and I just might have to consider it, if I have a girl. What a great name! So glad you mentioned it. :o)


Maleficent - April 22

i've never seen hayden used for a girl but it's actually a cute girls name. name your babies what ever you want.


Foxy - April 22

I think this name works for either s_x. It's cute. Your family will get used to the name. Just call her what you like.


April - April 22

The only Hayden I know is a boy... but I looked it up on babynamesworld.com and it says its a girl name... I really like that name... I think it's cute!


lil - April 22

well i dont know about hayden but my boy's name is Jayden, good luck


Stephanie - April 22

Hayden is a unis_x name in my opinion. My newphew's name is Hayden, and on Amazing Race last season, there was a girl named Hayden. It is a cute name for either....and if you and your husband both really like it, that name her that! The family should not have to approve. :o)


Nikki - April 22

I think Hayden is a cute girls name. It's on my list actually. The little girl in the movie Radio, her real name is Hayden.


kenya mama - April 22

Name your baby whatever you want! It is amazing how fast a disliked name grows on people when they have an adorable little face to put with it! I love the name Hayden! Too cute!


Jordyn - April 29

I think its adorable! I like it.


saydie - April 29

I like it if you have a boy and a girl you could name the girl hayden and the boy layton


lanislee - April 29

I LOVE that name for a girl!! My coworker was thinking about naming their first girl that name. I think it is very cute and unique!!


jb - April 29

Thank you everyone for the support. We both have really fallen for the name so we will just have to see what we are having:)


Alison - May 9

I have a son who is almost 2 years old and his name is Hayden. I love this name so much, but I have never heard of it for a girl.... I think it's a cute name for a girl just as much as a boy.


Christy - May 9

I used to teach a little girl named Hayden! She was a doll! Don't worry about what your family thinks! This is YOUR child, not theirs. If we have a girl, we are going to name her Raeleigh McKennen. It's diffent and has gotten mixed reviews, but I figure, since I've got to carry and push this child out and then raise it for the next 18+ years, I'll name it and call it whatever I want!


erin - May 10

I like it!! I have the name Peyton on my list for girls!! I have to agree, name your kids whatever you want!! I'm more concerned if the child is going to like it in 18 years, then if my family approves!! Good luck!


to jb - May 10

Name your baby what you want.....If you have a boy and a girl you could name him Aiden and her Hayden......I like them myself!



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