Hcg 11 Dpo 32 Normal

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Kim - September 3

I am pregnant and my HCG is 32 at 11 dpo and my progesterone is 14. The nurse seemed concerned that this was on the low side. I didn't agree because it's such an early pregnancy. Has anyone had similar numbers around the same dpo? Thanks for the input.


Melissa - August 14

When was the first day of your last period? I have a chart that has the appropriate levels depending on how many weeks you are.


Kim - August 15

First day of last period was July 10, but I'm on a 40 day cycle. Ovulation test said I ovulated on Aug. 1, which was 14 days ago now and blood test was taken on day 11, so I should have increased in the last 3 days, but I'm wondering about the number I got on day 11. Thanks.


Melissa - August 15

Ok, I found this chart. The URL is http://www.fertilityplus.org/faq/hormonelevels.html#hcg, click on the "hcg levels in early pregnancy link". It does say that for 10 days post ovulation, the average level is 25. There are progesterone levels listed as well. These numbers are variable. Each woman is different. The best way to tell if your pregnancy is going the way is should is to have your HCG levels checked and than have them checked again 2-3 days later. If they are rising adequately, then you should be fine. Also, if you don't have any symptoms of problems try to relax and let your pregnancy grow and develop. Sometimes it is worse to do a lot of invasive testing very early on because the results are so variable. Just because your levels are on the low side does not mean the pregnancy is not viable. Also, if you have an ultrasound early on and do not see fetal poles or a heart beat when your doctor expects to see them, this also does not mean the pregnancy is not viable. I speak from experience, this all happened with my first child and my doctor thought the pregnancy was not viable and wanted to do a D & C. Luckily, I felt differently and saw a different doctor. Good thing, my baby was fine and is a healthy 3 year old! So, try and relax and good luck!


Kim - August 15

You're right, I should just relax! I do have one daughter and that pregnancy went just fine. But, after a miscarriage in January, I've been a littled paranoid. Thanks for the website.


Laura - August 24

Mine was 18.5 at 11dpo, and 65 at 13 dpo. My doc said this was fine. It is very early!


Christina - August 26

Mine was 57 @12dpo and 187 today at 15 dpo!


Laura2 - August 27

My HCG is 35 @ 14 and my progesterone is decreasing. My nurse seemed concerned as well especially since my progesterone is decreasing which has only made me scared. I completely understand.


Christine - August 30

Mine was 162 at 13 days post ovulation. The first day of my last period was Aug 1 and I'm fairly certain I ovulated on Aug 15. Is this normal, low, high....Gahhhh, I could NOT get a straight answer from the nurse at my OB's office.


Madison - August 30

I think you are fine. Your HCG level is supposed to at least double every 48-72 hours according to my doc. You should also have an increasing progesterone level. According to my research, there are many people who do not have a doubling HCG level but still have healthy pregnancies. All your stock should not be put into the numbers. Good luck!


Kim - August 31

In the week that I wrote this email my hcg jumped from 32 to 1,000 in 7 days, so it seems that everyting is progressing fine. Thanks for the comparison hcg's!


Gloria - August 31

To Kim: I hope you don't mind my asking but how long did you wait before you started trying again after your miscarriage? Also, did your cycle go back to normal (reset itself) or did your cycle start counting from the time you miscarried? For example, I am 28 days cycle. If I miscarried last Monday will start my next cycle 28 days from last Monday or is should it start again on the 3rd Tuesday of every month like it has since I was a teenager. Sorry to be so stupid!!


Kim - September 3

You're not stupid, I wondered the same thing. I actually started trying again immediately after I stopped bleeding. It took me almost 2 months to completely stop bleeding, it was on again off again. After I stopped bleeding I did not have a cycle for about 40 days. So, you're cycles will not begin on the same day as they did before, it all depends when the previous hcg has left your system. According to my doc, after the hcg is gone, which can take up to two months, you should ovulate in about 2 weeks. So if your doc is tracking your lowering hcg levels, you should know about when you will ovulate. Unfortunately, ovulation seems to return to normal at different times for different women. It took me approx. 4 full cycles to get pregnant again, which is not very long, it was just frustrating every month. I personally bought an ovulation kit and it worked like a charm. When I saw the very very dark line, we did what we had to, and it worked, obviously. :) As far as your body being ready for it, my doctor said my body was fine to begin trying again immediately. He just says it's an emotional issue for many women and they are afraid to try again so soon. Hope this helps you a little and good luck.



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