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heatherjene - October 29

I had a HCG blood level of 94 about 13 DPO. My period wasnt due yet when I got BFP. Is that a normal number? I don't really know what to expect. Thanks!!


meg - October 29

At 13 DPO my hcg was 156, so yep, I think you are just fine. My OB said it's not necessarily the number that matters, but the necessity of the number to double every 24-48 hours for the first few weeks. Will you have another beta soon?


heatherjene - October 29

Yes, I went this morning to get blood drawn again, I guess I will know this afternoon. It's a little scary at first because I've never been through this before. Thanks for answering, and I will keep you updated!!


heatherjene - October 29

HCG count today was 400 - so its looking good so far!!!


ShoppingForTwo - October 29

Hey Heather I was wondering about HCG level as well. What a great question t ask. Got my BFP 7 days before my missed period and read a lot about chemcial pregnancies so I was really worried. I'm glad your pregnancy is going well and that your numbers jumps so HIGH, I get my blood drawn on Friday so I hope I have very high healthy numbers as well. So how many weeks are you know?


heatherjene - October 30

Shopping for two - Dr. said yesterday I was around 5 weeks along, they did two HCG tests about 4 days apart. Congrats on your BFP and I hope all goes well !! Please keep me updated and I will do the same for you. In my opinion- in the beginning I just try to look at the bright side but also realize that things can happen. Hope this helps and Congrats!!!


ShoppingForTwo - October 30

Thanks Heather and I will for sure keep you posted. Maybe I'll see you on the 1st trimester board. I'm 4w6d right now according to my LMP, my missed period is due tomorrow, yikes. Lol. I'm pretty optimistic today. I'm sure when I get an ultrsound on Friday my dates will be a little different. Good luck to you too, and I'll talk to you soon.



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