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Lina - January 15

Hi, I just got my first HCG blood resut, and the levels were 11, 642. I get tested again today, to see if they double. THe nurse just told me that this means I am 7-12 weeks, but I am only 5.5...what is going on, does this mean something is wrong? I already had one miscarriage in Nov. I am nervous that there is something wrong. Please, any advice would help!


Grandpa Viv - January 15

hCG levels vary dramatically from one pregnancy to another. It is not possible to judge the weeks of pregnancy using this as a method. A first trimester ultrasound is the best way. I seem to remember that unusually high levels sometimes indicate multiples. Good luck!


Lala - January 15

Be happy! Your high numbers are good! Low numbers are what to worry about (sometimes). CONGRATS! You've made it; now TRY to relax and enjoy the ride!


mlg8 - January 15

The number isn't as important as if the number doubles. Upon initial testing, a dr is only looking for a number greater than 5 and that it doubles in 24-48 hours. Mine at 14dpo was 211 and the dr was quite happy with that number. I am not a dr but would a__sume that if a dr is initially only looking for 5 or more and you are now over 11 thousand, that you should be in pretty good shape. That would show that your numbers have been doubling quite nicely.


SaraH - January 15

There is a general "idea" of where HCG should be during a specific week of pregnancy but it varies hugely from pregnancy to pregnancy and women to women. I had mine tested at about 5.5 weeks too and I believe my level was around 9562 (or there about). Also high HCG can be more indicative of multiples -although I wouldn't count on twins just yet. If they are really high they can also indicate some possible problems, but your levels don't seem all that high. I've seen some women who've said that they had levels way above were yours are so, just relax. As long as the numbers are increasing properly, everything is probably fine --and you really are probably only 5.5 weeks. There is such a variation w/ HCG levels that it's really impossible to tell for sure where you are in a pregnancy by them. Congratulations and good luck


SaraH - January 15

By the way americanpregnancy.org has a section on HCG levels, and gives ESTIMATED numbers for them. It says at 5 weeks normally HCG is 18 - 7,340 mIU/ml, and at 6 w 1,080 - 56,500 mIU/ml. So while yours is slightly higher then the “ESTIMATED” 5 w range (mine was too --and by the way I'm now 28.5w preg w/ 1 healthy baby), you are half way to the 6th week and the upper numbers for 6 weeks is much much higher then what you're at. --Also the site says that the numbers are just guidelines and that HCG can vary from what they have listed.


djohnsonchar - February 1

I am 19 days post ovulation, I had 1st B-HCG on 1/25 of 113, 1/27 of 300, 1/29 of 700, and then 1/31 at 2411. I had a previous eptopic, and am worried about a molar pregnancy. Scheduled for 3rd u/s tomorrow...going crazy... no twins in our history. Any thoughts?



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