He Has To Paychild Support From His Ex But I Might B Preg

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DEE - February 2

Well, this is my story: Today( Feb. 1st) I found out my man told me that the mother of his daughter is taking him to court for child support since she don't work. And he was really p___sed off, and I was p___sed because he really don't be buying me things or taking me out, but we good as in love. But anyway, I have been 11 days late from which my period was suppose to occur. SO basically, I think I'm pregnant and scare to admit it. But I don't know if I should tell him because he is already going thru his mess with his daughter's mother. And he said if I got pregnant again with his child, he wants to go thru the whole pregnancy thing with me and it would be his first own delivery. ( I was pregnant with his child before but aborted because of our problems). So what should I do???


tiffani - February 2

What should you do??? Pray you're not pregnant, that's what you should do! Doesn't sound like a very stable life for a baby. Why is he so p__sed off that he has to pay child support? Does he think it's free to raise a child? Should the mom be the only one responsible for supporting this child? Regardless of whether the mother works, he still has paternal responsibilities. If you are pregnant, you should DEFINITLEY tell him. What else would you do, hide it from him? If you are lucky and find out you're not pregnant, you should march right on down to your doctors office, or planned parenthood and get on birth control. Curious question.....how old are you and how long have you and your boyfriend been together? Do you work? Live at home with your parents or on your own? I've seen you post on here several times, and haven't heard any results of a pregnancy test, have you taken one yet? If not why? If so, what were the results?


Lori - February 2

You sound like a real winner... You need to wait to have children. Tiffani is totally right and you should also go back to school.


kate - February 2

If your boyfriend's att_tude towards a child he already has is the way it is...chances are that could be the way he'd feel about your child together.He missed the birth of his child...what if he missed this child's birth?If you are pregnant you two need to work out a budget.His first child had a birth right to support.


DEE - February 3

SEE the reason why he's p__s because he do everything for his child, and all the freakin' mother does is talk to the next guy and get pregnant. She don't work and me and her r the same age. I am 20, in college and work. The only thing I don't have his my own crib. And me and my man been together for 3 years. He works, and he is going to get a second job after the money start coming out his check from his job now. She just get money from wic, which I respect her requests. But I'm saying if a guy does something for his child everytime you(she) calls, Y child support? But like i told him, it is what it is? If I am my family is very financially stable, so I am, which I think I am, because I took a hpt and looked at is a hour later and it was negative, but I got a doctor's appointment on Monday, so everything would be finalize from that. Thanks for your opinion. If you have any future advice or comments email at [email protected]


Dez - February 3

OMG, I hope your not pregnant, and if you are you are going to expect the same things for your baby from the father as the previous mother.


DESIRE - February 3



TO DEE - February 3

I cannot believe the way in which you type any college would let you matriculate. You definately do not need to reproduce. Furthermore please continue an education of some type and I would recommend and English cla__s.



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