Headaches What Can I Do

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Bree - June 29

I'm getting bad headaches. Sometimes they feel like a sinus headach with facial pain in the bones and behind my eyes, and sometimes they are more like tension in my neck/back and stress. A lot they feel like both at the same times. Once I broke down and took tylenol, which I do NOT want to do. Any suggesions or help would be greatly appreciated.


Gina - June 29

Well I do know that tylenol is safe so if you are hurting dont feel bad to take that while you are pregnant-and if you want to feel any safer get the childrens tylenol meltaways, they are yummy, I tried them at first too because I was nervous too


Amy - June 29

Bree i have been going throw the same thing i had to give in and just take one i have had a headache since sun


Jbear - June 30

Tylenol is safe during pregnancy. Don't suffer when you don't have to. Also, if your headaches aren't helped by tylenol, talk to your doctor. I have migraines and I had to have a prescription for codeine because the pain was intolerable.


ASA - June 30

I try not to take anything, too, but if it's bad tylenol is good and if it's too bad, I would definitely ask my doc. I found that if I take a warm shower or bath and have my face an temples ma__saged, I felt 75% better. A back ma__sage never hurt either. No or dim lights works. If you have somone to do these things for you, take advantage of it. You're worth it.


KrisD - June 30

I was afraid to take tylenol at first - my headaches got so bad I ended up being prescribed codeine like Jbear. So, Tylenol didn't seem so bad after that. My dr told me that Tylenol doesn't even pa__s through the placenta. I a__sumed it was better than suffering with the headache. Also, I started having a little cup of Coke when I would feel the headaches coming on. The caffeine prevented a lot of them (dr's suggestion). Good luck!


one word - June 30

one word of caution.....DO NOT TAKE IBUPROFEN/Advil! It is a blood-thinner and can cause a problem for the baby's heart (like a hiccup in the beats, stopping it momentarily which is VERY BAD for baby). Just wanted to put that info out there in case anyone didn't know already.


KLM - June 30

I get the migraines too, tylenol didn't touch them, doctor prescribed me a much higher dose of acetamenaphine, no codeine in mine but they work like magic. My doctor was mad that I had waited so long to say something and says there is no reason to suffer, there are plenty of medicins that are perfectly safe in pregnancy.


Bree - June 30

...but don't you guys worry that everything you take in does go to the baby. How can it not? I just don't want to take any chances. I've also done the caffeine -mt. dew twice, which helped once. I try to limit caffeine, also. Maybe I just go overboard, but I look at it as so important not to do anything that my harm the baby's development. Am I just going too far???


KLM - June 30

Your OB would not prescribe a pill that could potentially harm your child. Everything will be ok, keep telling yourself that. The headaches I was getting felt like my head was literally going to explode so I had to take something, I couldn't see straight. If yours are tollerable than bare through them if you are that concerned. I understand your concern but if your doc says its ok, believe them.


KrisD - June 30

I guess it depends on the severity of the headaches... Mine are migraines that don't 'end' until I vomit and fall asleep. I was getting them 3 days a week and ended up losing weight. It was horrible, and I would drag myself to the doctor and cry because we couldn't fix it. Obviously the headaches/weight loss were causing more harm to the baby than Tylenol would. Tylenol has been trusted for years (with regard to occasional use). As for the caffeine - that makes me a little nervous b/c I do feel the baby move more when I have it - I limit myself to one of those mini cans of Coke - I believe Mt. Dew has the highest caffeine of any tonic out there...No? You may want to try something w/ less caffeine if it makes you nervous. I guess each woman (and opinion) is different!


ASH - June 30

rub lemon on ur forehead.


ASH - June 30

rub lemon on ur forehead. - of course cut it in half first


E - June 30

My grandmother told me that sniffing fresh horseradish root will get rid of headaches. It has to be a fresh root, not from a jar. I have yet to try it.


miranda - June 30

I have them too. I get them about twice a week and they really wear me out. I've found that taking 1-2 doses of extra strength tylenol over a 12-24 hour period helps a little, and so does an ice pack on the neck and forehead. I asked my dr today if taking that much tylenol (2000 mg in 24 hours as much as twice a week) was okay and she said as long as I didn't have more than the box says (4000 mg in 24 hours) I was fine. Just so you know you aren't alone!


P - June 30

My doctor said Tylenol was okay for the first two trimesters and for the last trimester you're supposed to take Advil (ibuprofin). He didn't explain why though. I took Tylenol twice when I was pregnant because of the raging headaches. I drive a transit bus too and figured was safer all around if the busdriver wasn't squinting her eyes closed at every streetlight. lol


Linds - July 6

I get horrible headaches pretty much every night and the only thing that helps is if my hubby rubs my forehead with his thumbs and also my cheekbones...at least i tell him thats all that works but i have also tried tylenol rapid release and cool towels and warm showers which help a little.



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